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The Eternity Code by Eoin Colfer
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Sep 19, 2008

it was amazing

** spoiler alert ** *Spoilers*

This book, Artemis Fowl: And the Eternity code by Eoin Colfer, was a cracking good read. After having read the past books, this one is my favorite because it has well written humor and a great plot that keeps you hooked from the beginning. The series is about Artemis Fowl, a young criminal genius that comes in contact with the fairies that live below ground.

On this book, the author uses great imagination when he makes Artemis use the fairy technology he stole in the first book to create something he calls a C-Cube, a piece of technology far beyond ours that lets you control everything that is on the web. Artemis goes to Chicago in hopes of extending his founds by selling it to businessman Jon Spiro. The author introduces us the plot when Spiro steals the Cube and makes us even more hooked into it when Spiro's bodyguard shoots Butler (Artemis' bodyguard and friend). This becomes a problem, but Artemis manages to freeze Butler and uses help from fairy officer Holly Short to then revive him.

Artemis then asks Holly Short and his fairy friends to help him regain the Cube by entering Jon Spiro's top head security building. This is when the story begins to get exciting, since the best part is how Artemis' plan just fits right in with every single aspect and detail of what happens, and the author made a great job by making Artemis' plan just hit you in the gut when it all works out.

In the end, Artemis manages to get into the top security vault and regains the Cube, and Eoin brings even more justice into the story when Artemis bankrupts Spiro's company in the process. The reader feels as if all he has read is gone when Artemis gets his mind wiped out, making all memories of fairies disappear. In the end however, the author fills us with hopes of reading the next book when yet another of Artemis' great schemes will make him regain it in the future.

I recommend this book for everyone, since it really is a good read and when you (or at least I did) finish reading it, you will just wish that it goes on.
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Eoin Colfer, The Eternity Code

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