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One silent sleepless night by Spencer W. Kimball
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Sep 20, 2008

it was amazing
bookshelves: memoirs, christian
Read in January, 1977

Excellent. I loved this book.

Edited to add: I met President Kimball in 1976 while working in the Missionary Dept of the LDS Church corporate offices in Salt Lake City. He was an unlikely candidate to lead a world-wide church because of his health problems.

So, I can honestly say that the reason I loved this book is because of the man, but I can also relate to the agony & soul-searching brought on by the surgery resulting in loss of his vocal chords.

The complete loss of hearing in one ear resulting from the removal of a brain tumor & a significant hearing loss in the remaining ear, among other health problems, is my personal cross to carry.

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message 1: by Bunny (new)

Bunny That was so great. I have had it in my library and have let many others read it.

message 2: by Wayne (new)

Wayne Hi Bunny,
This is Wayne here.
I am sitting in a house literally (no pun intended ) surrounded by thousands of books growing from the floor and shelves like stalagmites and languishing there.And me itching to read everyone of them.( I intend to be buried with them.)
Now ,this book by Kimball.I've never heard of it and YOU, unawares, have the huge role (along with Rayni) of being First Contact. And me?? I have the role of Oliver Twist ie."Please Sir, I want some more!!"I want to know WHY you love it and what it is about, a little meat to whet the appetite.The review is too exclusive, for initiates only. It wouldn't pass muster in a journal or newspaper.In other words I am not convinced and wouldn't bother to add it to any of my stalagmites.I am not itching.I could go on the net about it, but surely Goodreads is meant to largely bypass that.
I look forward to hearing more about the memoirs, a genre I love. Cheers,Wayne

message 3: by Wayne (new)

Wayne Hi Bunny,
I went in search of some meat myself like all true voracious and predatory booklovers by clicking on the logo of the book and I recall reading reviews now, (they were obviously meaty!!!)
However for me(not necessarily others ), part of the fun of Goodreads is meeting other people and sharing thoughts.I guess the essence of my previous comment to you was :"What do YOU think about the book?" and you are entirely free to NOT respond!!!(as you know!!)
Enjoy your reading!!

Rayni Good comments Wayne. I took some time to analyze why I "loved" this book, besides the fact that it was one of President Kimball's books. I have read other books by him, but none of them had the personal impact that this one did.

I actually went on the net & didn't find much, even at Deseret Book. Amazon didn't even have a review. Ack!!

And I had actually forgotten that I had read it until I got an update from a friend who had added it in her list of books read. I'm going, "Oh, yeah!! I remember that book & how much I loved it." I actually was transported back to the few times I read it.

message 5: by Bunny (new)

Bunny 'One sleepless night' is a very quick read. But at the same time it is one of the deepest books I have ever read because it takes you into the inner thoughts of a man, who while suffering from extreme pain, puts into perspective the meaning, and purpose of his life. I really enjoy the book because I love to know the deepest feelings of people. No gush - no glory- Just the pure inner being, exposed in its rawest form. It also lends itself to helping me find MY inner self.

message 6: by Wayne (new)

Wayne Dear Rayni and Bunny,
That was really sweet of you both to respond to my rant!!!!I guess the "Teacher" in me is still working overtime regardless of retirement!!
But I do feel I've got to know you both more through your generous additions.

Bunny, your review was very stirring and down-to-earth.I started getting that too familiar itch.Thanks for the inspiration to follow through!!

Rayni, I still have tears in my eyes after reading your review.Actually meeting the author and so close an understanding of some of his suffering due to your OWN personal suffering would make for a profound reading experience. Thanks again for your generous sharing.

Thanks to you both I'll be visiting my local library to find a copy of Pres.Kimball's book.
Fond regards, Wayne.

Rayni If you can't find it, since it was written in 1975, let me know & I'll be glad to send it. We have some excellent used book stores here in the valley that I love to get lost in, literally. I had a panic attack in one of them because it was such a maze.

message 8: by Wayne (new)

Wayne Thanks so much Rayni.Before I put you to all that pleasurable trouble (because I too LOVE to browse for hidden treasures in those second-hand book stores), I'll try our very good library system which will do inter-library searches and loans for free.
I recently discovered a copy of Virginia Woolf"s delightful "Flush a biography" about the cocker spaniel of the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning on my own shelves I'd bought several years ago and found it to be a Second impression printed in 1933 ,so printed by leonard and Virginia Woolf themselves and so very probably handled by them!!Have yet to check for fingerprints!!

Rayni Wow! What a find! At least it was on the shelf. I find books in the most unlikely places. I have lots of help from the men in my life trying to organize me.

Let me know. I know you're in Australia, but I've a couple of friends in Australia I've sent to before.

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