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Seduced in the Dark by C.J. Roberts
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I"m finally writing a review for this... it only took forever.
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Beautifully dangerous and dark! 5 Stars​

I've waited for what seems like forever to read book two in The Dark Duet series and it finally came. I attempted to drag this out as long as I could but did not succeed because it was that good. Just when I thought I found my mind after I lost it in book one, Livvie and Caleb broke me down again.

In Seduced in the Dark Livvie is recounting the events she experienced while being held captive by Caleb.
I struggled for over a week to figure out how to interpret my feelings about this series and if I myself, like Livvie, was suffering from third party Stockholm Syndrome. CJ Roberts created a story that made me feel as though I was Livvie. I never imagined I would cry my eyes out from the pain of not being loved and cherished by my mother and family or want to fight with every fiber of my being to survive, to make it out of the hell hole she found herself. Many times throughout the book I felt raw and exposed like Livvie when she realized that she not only lusted after Caleb but loved him. That while he may have been her captor, he wasn't a beast per se, just a young man that had experienced just as much, if not more pain than she was experiencing. Despite everything she loves him and nothing can take that away... not even Caleb.

"Even Caleb said my love isn't real, but...I feel it. I feel my love for him more strongly and deeply than anything I have ever felt in my life."

The quote above is just one of the many quotes throughout this book that left my head spinning and heart aching. I'll admit that I absolutely wholeheartedly fell for Caleb just like Livvie. If book one didn't get me going then book two got me--sold, lock and key. I'll say that there were some very challenging non-consent scenes that were disturbing, but somehow CJ Roberts was able to write Caleb in such a way that I almost wanted to look the other way. (such a bad idea)

I absolutely can't wait to read more from CJ Roberts

Best Thing:
The characters are some of the best written character profiles I've come across. I loved and hated each character with every possible grain of feeling I could grasp. Despite my best efforts I fell for the bad guy and felt like I would break if they couldn't end up together.

Worst Thing:
The book ended.

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djdavis~*Sivad*Sex Pocket Such a great book so I'm dragging it out as long as I can. I don't want this horrible story to end. hmmm...sounds crazy I know.

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