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The Bellmaker by Brian Jacques
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May 17, 12

The Bellmaker, written by Brian Jacques, is the story of Joseph the Bellmaker, and his quest to find his daughter and her friend Dandin who he believes to be in dire peril. The story takes place at Redwall and in the Southern Lands, where a war is being raged between the vicious fox Urgan Nagru and the good Squirrel King Gael.


My favorite part of the book was during the massive battle happened in which Mariel, Dandin, Meldrum, the otters, Finnbarr, Joseph and the rest fight Nagru's horde of grey rats, most of which were slaughtered. However, the shrew Fatch, a good friend of Rufe and Durry, is slain by Silvamord. Rab Streambattle, who had recently reunited with his wife Iris and regained his sanity, kills Silvamord in the moat shortly afterward. In the final battle, Finnbarr Galedeep engages Urgan Nagru and kills him by smashing the fangs of his wolf skull into the top of his head. However, Finnbarr sadly dies from the wounds inflicted during the fight.

My Review:
I give the Book a 3/5 it was a really slow starting book and the dialog was hard to follow since the author wrote the words how the animals would say it in there accent, this lead to me reading a few pages again to actually understand what they are saying. But if you enjoy Furry little animals acting like people talking with really strong Londoners accent then this is a book for you.

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