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Sapphique by Catherine Fisher
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May 17, 2012

it was ok

** spoiler alert ** First of all, I have to say the plot itself was horribly confusing for me and there was a lot that wasn't clearly explained. Not only that, I absolutely hated Claudia in this sequel. Fisher built up Incarceron in a way that leaves you anticipating a growing relationship between Claudia and Finn. If not, I at least expected a comfortable companionship or alliance. However, Claudia is constantly cold towards Finn and is always doubting him. Her main focus is always whether or not Finn is Giles. She doesn't even seem to care if he's healthy and alive. Her portrayal in Incarceron left me expecting her to be different from the other nobles, but instead, she seems in fact haughtier than most nobles. She's stuck up and unfeeling; there is absolutely no redeeming quality in her. I suppose she was the main reason I gave Sapphique a low rating.
Other than that, Fisher's characters were amazing. Finn was amazingly badass which gave me pleasant surprise. In the Prison, he seems a little on the soft side compared to his environment, but in Outside, he is comparatively dark and cold. He seems ruthless yet with enough humanity to be likable. I absolutely love his way of lying his way out of everything. It's impressive. I also really loved Attia. I actually hoped that the main OTP would be Attia and Finn instead of Claudia and Finn, but there really was no Claudia/Finn relationship anyways. Keiro was also super kickass. All the other characters were really just blah.
So basically, just based on the confusingness and my hatred towards Claudia, I would have given this book a 1 star. But the originality of the idea and the other characters kept me from abandoning the book.

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