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Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi
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May 17, 2012

really liked it

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi, is her debut novel in what is expected to be a trilogy. With this first book, Rossi has impressed me very much with her writing and how she moves the storyline so seamlessly. The reader is caught up in the worldbuilding that Rossi has created.
Under the Never Sky takes place in a world that is decimated by deadly Aether storms, with much of the human race divided. Rossi immediately brings us into this story of two outer wasteland and futuristic domes. This is considered YA, as it is a dystopian story, with a feel of paranormal. But like most YA lately, this is not just for teens. It has teenage heroes, but the story is totally adult.

We first meet Aria, who has led a sheltered life inside the dome society, where they live in virtual realms. They know very little of the outside world, as the powers that be have created an environment that protects those inside from the dangers that has destroyed earth from those storms. The virtual reality realms keeps everyone content. But Aria misses her mom, who works within another dome, and she is determined to get in touch with her. She and her friend go on a forbidden trip with some other boys, to see what is on the outside world, thinking she may be able to contact her mother. When the outing turns disastrous, Aria’s life is about to change for the worse.
Perry is an Outsider who has lived all his life outside of the domes. He has learned to live in this harsh world, with his family and tribe to fight off the elements. The outsiders world is filled with fear, due to the Aether sky, disease, and starvation. During his hunt for food to bring back to his people, Perry comes across the dwellers (Aria and her friends). He watches from afar, but whe one of the boys begins to attack Aria and her girlfriend, Perry comes to the rescue, and brings an unconscious Aria inside the Dome to be found later. Only Soren, the boy who masterminded the trip, and who attacked Aria, survives besides Aria. His father is one of the most powerful consuls, and to protect his son, Aria is framed for other deaths. She is exiled and sent out to die, to the outside death zone. At the same time, Perry’s nephew is kidnapped by the Dweller Guards, and Perry sets out to find him.

Alone is what looks like a desert, and the Aether sky, Aria slowly feels like she is dying. Perry comes across Aria, and though he dislikes her, he must help her, because she is the only link to find his nephew. The two of them clash immediately and only the need to survive, keeps them together in a forced alliance. Aria looks at Perry as savage, and he sees her as a mole.

Perry is strong, and feral, but he has compassion and begins to feel sorry for Aria. But she makes things difficult, as she was out of her element and the only way she knew how to handle herself was obnoxiously. Lol She was very rude to Perry, who in a sense was keeping her alive.

But in time, Aria begins to come into her own. She goes from a helpless girl, to someone who is determined to survive, as she learns how to defend herself, and quickly grows up. She becomes a fierce, durable tough kick ass heroine, who eventually join hands with Perry to help him find his nephew, and her find her mom. Perry has heightened senses that make him one of the more powerful outsiders, and one who can lead his own tribe and a Blood Lord. The last 2/3’s of the story was very well done. It was exciting, lots of action. The romance between Perry and Aria moves slowly, as trust must come first, and each must learn about themselves.

I thought Rossi did a great job, as this is her first book. Her world building was very imaginative, and her characters were excellent. I enjoyed Roar, like Marron and his home, can’t wait to find out more about Perry’s sister, and Cinder was totally different, should interesting to see what happens to him. She made Perry and Aria, two unlikely pairings work, and by the end you loved them together. The only negativity I have for this book is the beginning was a bit slow and confusing, but this was necessary to learn the worlds. The end has a cliffhanger, and I so hate cliffhangers. Now I have to wait until the next book to find out what happens.

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