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One Nation Under Gods by Richard Abanes
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Sep 17, 2008

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Read in January, 2005

Some consider this book to be polemic. I don't recall it accurately enough to debate that point so I've lowered my rating in consideration.

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message 1: by Dave (new)

Dave I found it exceptionally polemical and lacking in any charitable interpretations.

Mike Possible. I read it during my anger phase and it suited my attitude just fine at that point in time.

Some of my reviews are more subjective than others. ;)

message 3: by Dave (last edited Sep 21, 2008 10:48AM) (new)

Dave Being a compulsive moderate, I thought Abanes overstated his case. The book was a flash in the pan. Abanes has done other hatchet jobs. I think of him as being much like Jerome Corsi (author of the books attacking John Kerry and Barrack Obama)only focusing on religious communities that he hates. I could be wrong about Abanes, because I haven't followed his career since One Nation Under God's or read his other books, only read reviews of them. A lot of people believed and liked both 'Unfit for Duty' and 'Obamanation' without considering whether the content/accusations were accurate or not. At least you realize that you're anger phase may have colored your perception of the book.

Mike I'm not certain one could easily call any 600 page work a hatchet job [...except maybe one of Nibley's:]. It takes beef to make a book that size that is still readable and believable in interpretation and historical context. Hatchet jobs are obvious to me.

Although his analysis of the JS and BY periods was not charitable, neither was he malicious. Deeply critical - yes, as he should be. I don't recall that he got any points of doctrine incorrect and I thought his thesis of the Mormon theocracy was accurate although it is a doctrine that has been downplayed for decades now and will be whitewashed out of existence entirely at some point in the future.

It turns out that I have read one of his other books although I had not realized he wrote it or had forgotten it. His analysis of The DaVinci Code as comparable to other critiques I read.

All my reviews are subjective and influenced by mood, interest, and bias at the time I read them. In this context my review of Moby Dick might be overly critical. ;)

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