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Swipe by Evan Angler
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Feb 01, 2015

really liked it
Read in May, 2012

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Well this book is quite amazing. It is a very thrilling read from the very first page to the end. There's never a moment where you can ease your butt from the edge of the chair because it was just that awesome! You will be wanting for more and before you know it, it's already 3 am in the morning! True story.

Swipe takes place in the future world where North America was torn apart by war. Really, why does the future have to always be war-torn? But anyway, here comes the saviour, the 'American Union' who helps the people to get on their feet and rebuilt the nation. From now on, 13 is the new 'adult age' and everyone by the age of 13 has to be Marked. When you are Marked you are counted as an adult and you can do many things when you are Marked. Go shopping, buy ice-cream, using public transports, all in a Swipe of the hand.

Logan Langley was paranoid ever since his sister went to get Marked but never did return. He always felt like he was being watched. When the new girl, Erin moved to Spokie, Logan was fascinated by her. Logan went to talk to her not realising that he's going to talk, just too much. Everything just seem to be awesome since that. Erin with her specialty and nonchalant way are eager to help Logan. Soon they are speeding down with the rollerstick into a big, big exciting adventure and not so exciting trouble.

Yay, show time! I just love, love this book. I like Logan's rebelling side and I really want to know more about it in the next book. I also love/hate Erin for her intelligence. She can be a big help to Logan but she is not loyal enough. Sometimes she can be quite maddening when she is being in her 'I-Know-I'm-Right' attitude. But we have to give her some credits for giving Logan much needed help all the time. I am dissapointed in Hailey though. Why does it have to turn that way? I can feel Logan's anger and I am so mad at him for not letting it out. But I am always the drama queen anyway so I guess it's not the same.

Overall, this book is quite a blast and it manage to pull me through all the excitements and it ended up in one heck of a cliffhanger. Can't wait to read the next book ,Sneak! Recommended to everyone, especially those who loves dystopian.

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