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Machines of the Dead by David   Bernstein
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May 16, 12

it was amazing

In the world of horror, zombies are King. I would venture to say they are the most popular monster in a true horror fan's eyes (and yes, I'm talking HORROR here, not paranormal romance!). I can only imagine this is both a blessing and a curse to any writer who sits down and decides to pen a zombie tale. A blessing, because zombies always have a place in the heart of their fanbase. A curse, because those same fans grow weary of the tired concepts that have been recycled over and over again since Romero's debut film.

That being said, David Bernstein recognized this challenge and took the bull by the horns. He's come up with an original idea, and one that--the more you read--starts to seem like a possibility! That's good writing! I often found myself forgetting that the author has changed the game. A lead character would suffer a bite wound from one of the undead, and my heart would immediately sink, saying "Oh man, I liked that character." But that's just it! A bite doesn't necessarily mean you're a goner in Machines Of The Dead. The rules have changed. The machines are inside of the infected, and they can be fought!

Fight your way through this novel, and come out the other end with a different outlook on the zombie genre. You won't be disappointed. David Bernstein has created a different sort of zombie, which--I guarantee--will leave you hungry for more.
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