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Best Friends, Occasional Enemies by Lisa Scottoline
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May 16, 2012

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This book was cute - observational humor essays, short ones. Most were from mom Lisa, with about a third from her daughter Francesca. I wish they had been closer to 50/50, as Lisa's essays sometimes blended together. Francesca's tended to be more serious, and the change in tone was helpful to keep my interest. I could have done with more of that. They both can be funny, although they occasionally seem to be trying a little hard. While many of the essays relate to the mother/daughter relationship, quite a few were not related to the theme. I don't know if that's a problem, exactly, but two funny and intelligent women could probably come up with a deeper, more fun book if they stuck on topic. It feels like a random collection of blog posts that an editor picked, rather than a "written book". But I would have rated this book higher if both mother and daughter didn't have the annoying habit of starting a new line for every other sentence. A sample from Lisa, as an example:
In my case, this means that everything that I should properly do in my bathroom, I do in my kitchen.
Except one thing.
I keep it classy.

And from Francesca:
That is drug abuse.
I thought the twilight years were a time for family, sage advice-giving, hobbies, relaxation--not sex.
That's what your twenties are for!
Just kidding.
Only men in their twenties have sex.
The real question is, what kind of a twenty-five-year-old woman wants to date and eighty-five-year-old man?
One that can't get ahold of her birth control pills.

On page 60, there are 22 sentences, and 13 of them are indented on a new line. Seriously, everything you ladies write is so clever and interesting that almost two-thirds of your sentences need to have paragraphs all to themselves? Ugh, it came off as pretentious and gimmicky, and actually made the physical act of reading mildly unpleasant - the lack of visual flow meant that my eyes were jumping around the page too quickly and it was actually a touch uncomfortable to read that way.
Please, Ladies.
Hit 'enter' a little less next time.
If not for my eyes, do it for the trees.
The planet and I aren't getting any younger.

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