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Effortless by S.C. Stephens
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May 17, 2012

it was amazing
Read from May 16 to 17, 2012

I enjoyed this book so much more than book#1. I am so glad I read book one but it was just so intense and emotional. This book was a beautiful follow up to book 1. It addressed very real issues in Keira and Kellan's relationship that were caused by the way their relationship began. Both of them grew so much as characters in this book and there was no mistaking that despite everything these two loved each other and were meant to be. I loved the developments that came about with a lot of the other characters as well!

Also, I wanted to praise the author S. C. Stephens! This book was edited very well. Written impeccably well. She creates an entire family and network of people that you feel that you know them and their lives personally. I thought the opening to Chapter 6- Time flies was so well writeen:

"You are told from the moment you enter school that time is constant. It never changes. It is one of those set things in life that you can always rely on...much like death and taxes. There will always be sixty seconds in a minute. There will always be sixty minutes in an hour. And there will always be twenty-four hours in a day. Time does not fluctuate. It moves on at the same, constant pace at every moment of your life.
And that was the biggest load of crap that I've ever been taught in school.
Truth was, time did fluncuate. It was easy to lose hours or even days in the blink of an eye. Other times, it was a struggle to get through a mere hour. It ebbed and flowed as relentlessly as the tides, and just as powerfully too. The moments that washed away all too soon. The moments that you wanted to speed up, slowed down to a snails pace.
That was the truth of the matter."

I was very happy with the book. It ended great. It brought healing where book one brought pain. It answered so many questions and I was highly impressed with this book. So excited there is suposed to be a #3!

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