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Swipe by Evan Angler
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May 29, 12

did not like it
Read in May, 2012

This is a book that should have had a lot more work done on it before it was published. The premise is good enough that they really could have made something out of it, but a lot more editing would have been required to clean up its issues and turn it into a genuinely good book.

This book is a huge offender against the concept of "show, don't tell." In some cases, behaviors and beliefs (including romantic subplots) arise basically out of nowhere for the convenience of the plot without really being established as a reasonable outcome of events.

The author seems to think that putting 'nano' in front of other words is good science fiction world building. In fact, one sentence mentions nanosyrup, nanosleep, nanosolvent, nano-gas, and nanoink. It's never made clear why only nano-gas is hyphenated, or whether actual nanotechnology is involved in all of these things or how.

I don't actually feel that books necessarily need to explain the way the technology works. The problem here is that the author makes vague gestures in that direction, such as saying that nanosyrup has "been engineered to taste sweet electronically, without the need for calories or chemicals" which are completely unnecessary to the plot, really don't make any sense, and are therefore kind of pointlessly frustrating and distracting. I suspect that the author was trying to fill out a rich story world, but was unsure about how to go about it and this was the result.

What's really sad here is that there is enough of a core concept present that someone could have made a good book out of it. I'm not sure why the author and editors did not decide to put the extra time in to clean it up and make a good book out of it. It was mildly entertaining, but I can't recommend it when there are so many far better books available to use your limited pool of reading time for.

I might check out later books in the series sometime to see if things improve. For anyone who hasn't read this yet, I'd say just wait. Take a look at reviews of the later books in the series in a couple of years, and see if they ever got a good handle on this series and turned it into something really good.

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