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Storm by Brigid Kemmerer
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Ya know, this sounded like a stupid book to me, but a few positive comments from popular reviewers convinced me it might be worth a shot...

Apparently I'm not up to date on my immunizations for crappy teen fiction.

It was such a transparent plot, that even I, the one who can never predict endings, had it figured out half way through.

And none of the characters were even remotely likable. They are cynical, bitter, and verbally aggressive, often escalating into mental and physical aggression as well. Every single personal relationship is threatened by mistrust, abuse, judgement, and betrayal. Even the few nice things that happen are quickly sucked into the ugly tar pit of malice.

Perhaps this darkness is meant to make the story all tough and gritty, and less schmaltzy-supernatural-teen-romance (I do appreciate the effort), but it felt all too reminiscent of the lowered expectations/trailer park soap opera of Melissa Marr with Wicked Lovely and Erica O'Rourke with Torn (should have seen it coming when her blurb was on the cover!). I get what they're trying to do--make a story that's maybe a little more realistic, not so sunshine and lollipops-- but so far no one's really been able to hit a balance that makes it work.

Becca's trouble at school was the only part that did work; it was believable and real when everything else felt forced and contrived. It was ugly, but at least it was honest ugly.

But ultimately, it just wasn't enough to make it worth the effort.

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