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Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz
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May 16, 12

Read in May, 2012

For my fourth quarter IRP, I read Alex Rider Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. I thought that it was a very good book, not the best I have ever read, but definitely a good read. I am one of those readers who enjoy action stories, so Alex Rider Stormbreaker was a perfect book for me. It had a great storyline, action parts, and a successful but mysterious ending. Since there are many books in the Alex Rider series, the ending was perfect in my opinion. It ended the main conflict, but still was mysterious, making you want to read more. The characters in Alex Rider Stormbreaker were pretty good and realistic. The main character, Alex Rider, is a kid who becomes a spy after his uncle, Ian Rider’s, death. Alex did not know that his uncle Ian was a spy until he went to investigate his death. Alex then becomes a spy and is sent on a mission to investigate the new Stormbreaker computers that will be coming out. There he meets some of the other characters such as; Herod Sayle, Nadia Vole, Mr. Grin, and Yassen Gregorovich. All of the characters in Alex Rider Stormbreaker are very realistic. The main character is a kid who goes through a spy camp, Mr. Sayle is pretty much an “evil” inventor, Nadia Vole is just a secretary working for Mr. Sayle, and Yassen is a trained killer. Mr. Grin is pretty much the only character who is not realistic seeing that he cannot talk correctly but still talks on the phone. Overall the characters in this story are very good.
The Plot of Alex Rider Stormbreaker was right on for a fiction action book. It was a little slow at some points but the action parts brought it right back up to speed. It got a slow sometimes in the beginning while the author was laying down the storyline, and also when Alex was at boot camp. The rest of the story was perfect though, the action scenes weren’t too fast and the “snooping around” scenes weren’t too slow. This story was pretty predictable, but when it did have a twist, they were very drastic and unexpected. An example of one of the many drastic twists in the book would be when Alex finds out that his Uncle Ian’s bank is really just a cover up for him being a spy. The majority of this book was intense and action packed, which is what made me like it so much.
In the book Alex Rider Stormbreaker there is not a, accurate, point of the book that can be taken from the reading. If there was a point, I would say that it would be that kids need to live their lives free and not to hold back. This is because Alex is almost forced to become a spy and does not get to do normal kid things. As you will see in the end of this book, kids don’t need to worry about anything, they just need to have fun and be a kid.
Overall, Alex Rider Stormbreaker was a pretty good book. It fit into my style of reading well and kept me interested throughout the whole story. I, however, would not recommend this book to all readers. This book would be boring to readers who are not interested in action packed, fiction books. If you are a reader like I am, and enjoy action stories, Alex Rider Stormbreaker is a book for you.

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