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First Visions by Heather Topham Wood
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Jun 11, 12

bookshelves: suspense, romance, paranormal, mystery, ya, reviews-2012
Read from May 17 to 21, 2012

Kate is a reluctant medium who's pulled into this missing persons case by Jared, a desperate police detective. In my eyes there were two main plot lines here, 1 the missing persons case 2 Kate and Jared's romantic issues. Plot 1 I enjoyed, plot 2 I had issues with. Plot 1 was intriguing, pulled me into the book and was basically the soul reason I kept reading to find out if they find Cori.
I wasn't crazy about the characters in this book, Kate was immature she blames everything on her being in a coma. While that in itself wasn't bad and could've been a great point to use, I don't feel the author used it to her advantage as much as making it Kate's excuse. Kate knows shes immature but blames it on being emotionally stunted when she came out of the coma. Um... what? She was in college living in a dorm when she went into the coma, so I would've assume she would be above the age of 16 which is how she came across to me. Her tough girl attitude was all a front, because of what she went through when she woke up and helped with a previous case.
Yet to me Kate was just full of contradiction. She's holed herself up in the house, that part was totally understandable, yet she wasn't a complete shut-in going outside to work, party occasionally with her friend. She's angry with her father for leaving her and her mom for another women, yet has only a passing problem with trying to steal another girls guy. Granted the other girl is a super witch, but still.
Jared I didn't get either, he's heading the investigation to find his girlfriend's sister. Which is a conflict of interest to begin with, but I usually give these things a pass since they are so prevalent in fiction. He wants to be the good guy, yet can tell him and Nikki, his girlfriend, are having issues. During a very tragic time for Nikki he starts flirting with Kate, yeah there was a small spark but still. This really isn't the best time to be feeling out someone new. While I didn't like what Nikki does, she's totally justified.
To me the whole relationship aspect wasn't great, other than understanding her outsiderness I didn't get Jared's attraction to Kate.
I feel this could have been a really good book if the characters had been worked with more. They needed to be fleshed out more and fine tuned. I think Ms Wood did a good job with the suspense aspect although I wish she had focused more on that, giving us more clues so we could work it out. Yet still good. I might be being a little to critical about this book yet this is how is appeared to me, my suggestion check it out and make your own decision.

I received a copy from the author.

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Dayna Wadge I agree with you 100%. I was getting very frustrated with the whole romance, I think Nikki was in her own right to act out. it just wasn't well thought out with the romance. But the overal plot I thought was enjoyable. .. great review x

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