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Misery by Stephen King
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Jun 20, 2012

it was ok
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** spoiler alert **

I have to start out by saying that I really wish I could have liked my first Stephen King book. About a year ago, my grandma and I came across this little used bookstore that was going out of business. I went in and browsed through the titles and came across Stephen King. Now, I know who he is...I've heard he is the master of horror, and I had been itching to read something by him. So I picked up two titles for $0.50 a piece. "IT" and "MISERY". My grandmother has "Misery" on VHS and I had watched it a few times as a kid, so I thought I'd like the book, and I was wrong.

In a nutshell, Paul Sheldon is a famous writer who created the "Misery" series. He seems to hate it though, and was happy when he finally killed her off and ended the series. He then goes on to write a new book called "Fast Cars" which is much different from his Misery books. He then gets drunk and goes off celebrating the end of his new book, and he is in an accident. It is snowy and he goes off the road (or something like that, I kept putting this book down so it took me months to get through it, some details are fuzzy.) and someone comes across his car and mangled body, Annie Wilkes. He soon finds out Annie is his biggest fan and is also a downright psycho. For reasons unknown she had a lot of equipment and drugs that only hospitals should have. He later finds out she was a nurse, and she had skilfully killed of 30 people or so before people caught onto her. She escaped being found guilty, and then took up residence in a mostly secluded spot. She fell in love with the Misery books, and I suppose it was just her luck that SHE was the one to come across Paul Sheldon's accident. She is very angry however about how he killed of Misery and ended the series, so through a series of horrifying abuse she makes him bring back the series or threatens to kill him. Throughout the story she re-breaks his legs, cuts off his foot, most of his left thumb, makes him wash down his pills with dirty bucket water, and multiple other things. At one point, looney Annie takes off for a long time and leaves him with nothing, and he is actually forced to drink his own piss. It's a highly disturbing book, and I am beginning to think that maybe it's just me not enjoying that kind of genre. I love mystery and thriller, but maybe horror just isn't my thing. I read a book by Ellen Hopkins and it was about a father raping his daughter and I was just disgusted with it. I only gave this book two stars but I know others would give it 5 because of the brilliant writing. That may be the only thing I did enjoy, was the way in which it was written. I liked that King worked on a story inside of a story (Can't lie, I think I would have liked the Misery series) but for me the bad just outweighed the good. A few parts of the book had Paul having flash backs of his childhood and there were so many little comments that he referred back to that I kept getting confused. By the end of the book every time he said "Africa" I was like "Wait, what flashback was that again?" In general, it was a good story, just not MY kind of story. Which makes me think I may not be a big King fan. Sort of a bummer, but I guess I'll do some observing of reviews on his other books and see if there are anymore I want to give a try.

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