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Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli
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May 15, 2012

really liked it

Jeffrey magee was feed up with his uncle Dan and aunt Dot so he ranaway.Jeffrey (maniac) loved to run so he did so a lot he ran to two mills. In two mills maniac meets Amanda Beale shes walking around with a suit case. In that suit case are book tuns and tuns of books. Amanda's life at home is not a very safe environment for her books so she takes them every where with her. Maniac wants to barrow a book and Amanda easily disagrees agenst the thought. Until she realizes that shes late for school for the first time. At last maniac has one of Amanda Beales books. As he strolls a long two mills he is on his own for a little bit until he witnesses a discusting scene. Little kids lined up as another tall guy is on the base strikeing each and every one of the kids out. So maniac steps in line and when its his turn he steps on the base.The tall guy (Jhon McNab) trows the ball and WOW!!!!!! Manic hits it. John mcnabs fast get hit this is something that helps Jeffrey magee get his new name. After many times of trying to strike out maniac John Mc Nab gets MAD and instead of hiting him he tricks him by throwing a frog at maniac instead of a ball. Then Maniac realizes "this guy is so cruel""who throws a frog as a baseball?" As soon as maniac relizes that the ball inst a ball he bunts the frog and runs. John and the cobras ( a group of bad kids) right on his back.
This was Maniacs first day in two mills just imaganie the rest of his trip.
There were a lot of injustices in this story Manic was treated very rudely due to his non-color. An african american boy on the east end of two mills named mars bar thomson treated maniac unfairly due to his color often times called him fishbelly and tourtured him a lot.
This book is really amazing and i cant really decide what type of crowd i would reccomend this to because really in my mind this book can be read by anyone and they will like it.

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