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Timeless by Alexandra Monir
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May 15, 2012

did not like it
Read in May, 2012

I am surprised how many great reviews this book has. I've decided to read it because the plotline seemed thrilling and I am sucker for a romance, but I am also a picky reader and I demand some quality from the author. I've seen all the great reviews exclaiming how spectacular the book is. And I have to say that for me, reading it was literally painful. I feel that this book had such a potential, the story was beautifully layered but all that was very badly delivered.
If you click on "more", there are gonna be spoilers. That is so much I didn't like about this book. The most that annoyed me were shallow characters I couldn't make myself care about and their illogical actions and thinking. And, sometimes, the lack of continuity. (this is taken from my blog)

The beginning was okay and the first few lines really intrigued me. The author was observant and it the story was just a mystery that made you keep reading. You know, a girl having dreams of mysterious stranger for several years, living with a single yet cool parent, high school problems, yadda yadda. It’s true that I didn’t believe that nobody noticed her surname was the same as one of the most popular families in America. Hey, people tend to notice if they learn about your grandparents in a history class. So I didn’t believe that she led a quiet life, with everybody oblivious to who she really was.

Then her mom dies. And from then on it felt like being in a soap opera. The scene where the officer tells her that her mom died in a car accident? “Your mom died.” “No!” “Sorry.” “That’s not true!” “Yes it is.” “But she’s coming.” “No she’s not.” “Okay.” It lacked emotions. I mean, her only parent died. Someone, who's been not only her mother but also her best friend.

One thing that annoyed me was the overuse of exclamation marks. I felt like reading an english student’s book. I’d rather read about how the heroine felt than make it out from the cheerfulness of her sentence.

Another thing that I couldn’t swallow was the heroine’s mood swings. I think that the worst thing that can happen is a pliant, non-believable heroine. For example, Michele had a mission to warn Phillip not to kill himself. But when she hopped in time, she was suddently so occupied with the beauty of 1920's New York and spent time with her great-great-grandmother or who was she and she had a good time, like she completely forgot what she was there for. Yes, I would be astonished to see New York 90 years ago, but I think my mind would be more on "oh my God, my true love is going to kill himself, why am I wasting my precious time in the past?" She was suspicious with her grandparents and in the next moment, she let it all fall. What? Why?

Another thing that annoyed me was how rushed the romance felt. Yeah, I know what love at first sight means, but really. She saw him, he saw her and 50 pages later, they confessed their love for each other. Seriously? I know that she’s been dreaming about him she doesn’t actually know him. She spent a few hours with him and she already loves him? I just didn't buy it.

And the guy, Phillip. He saw her as a 15 year old just materialize before him and he was like “OMG what’s your name?!” Yes, very believable for a guy that lives in 1907 and tries to scream “Witchcraft!” at the mention of a computer. He’s oblivious to what she’s doing here, apparently he is so enthralled with her he doesn’t wonder what is a strange girl with strange clothes doing in his house, but okay.

And the lack of continuity. Michele got dressed in formal and went to 1910 so as not to scare the people in 1910 with her modern dress (so we forgot no one could actually see her except Clare, but well). And she got back at like… 4:30am and when her grandparents asked her where she was, she told them she’s been studying with her schoolmates and they bought it. Okay, so no one noticed her standing there dressed in formalwear? Was I the only one who found it strange?

Characters acted so out of their characters sometimes. I didn’t have the time to care for Michele and neither for Phillip because at the end of the book, I didn’t really know them. The author was too focused on describing the situation to give their characters life or a spirit. Who were her grandparents? Were they strict? Loving? Did they care? Were they hiding something? Did they know about her father? For most of the time I was just confused how the people really felt, who they really were.

They say she struggles to live her high school life and her life in the past. I didn’t see any struggle in high school. I thought that there would be some kind of a twist in a story, something happening. I thought maybe those snotty girls who grabbed her at the beginning were going to do something. That Ben kid, who asked her to a prom. She just replied “I’m spoken for.” and that was the end of the story. The author introduced us to the characters that got literally NO development and felt useless in the story. What was all that Caissie and Aaron hint of a romance for? It felt like something to write just to fill the blank pages. Nothing happened in high school.

Some of the so-called “surprises” didn’t really surprise me at all. I knew Henry Irving and Irving Henry were the same person like… 50 pages before she wrote “I know who he is. He is my father!” I hardly suppressed the need to roll my eyes and impatiently grunt “You don’t say.” Some of the twists were beautiful and they could be delivered really spectacularly, like the Phillip Walker/Phoenix Warren/Michele composition thing and how the story clicked in places, but it was written so bad and the characters were so unrealistic that I just couldn’t stomach it.
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Hetal well described and exactly how I felt. There was just know flow in the story. It was just disjointed all over.

message 2: by Dorian (new)

Dorian Tsukioka You read my mind!

jackie I'm about to read the book, hopefully I'll like it more than you did! It does have an interesting premise.

message 4: by Meghan (new)

Meghan I'm not even two chapters in and I disliked the writing style. Sounds like I'm not missing much.

Nicol No guys, you are not missing much, trust me.

message 6: by Bri (new) - rated it 1 star

Bri Dold Nailed it. These were my exact thoughts on this book.

message 7: by Anna (new)

Anna Harvey Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth!

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