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The Divide by Aubrey Clark
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May 29, 12

did not like it
Read from May 22 to 25, 2012

Personally I actually enjoyed this book. However, I read it before I knew that L.J. Smith didn't write it.. and now looking back I can tell she didn't. But I still really liked the book but I am very disappointed that she got taken off as the writer.

Can someone answer a few questions for me though. I read her blog about what happened with the Vampire Diaries but in that article she didn't address anything about the Secret Circle. Why did they take her off of this series? And can't she just continue to write them under a different name or something... if she still owns the copyright couldn't she just change some minor stuff and continue writing the series for her loyal fans who would over look that stuff just to have the book written by her. I'm just confused as to how this could happen. It seems so wrong and unfair. I want to continue reading this series but I don't want to support this publication or new author.
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Michelle No, she cannot right anything that even remotely emulates those other series. She does not own the copyright unfortunately because both were part of "packaged book" contracts. She actually used an idea she had for an Adult Vampire romance novel to do The Vampire Diaries because due to time constraints with the contract, she had no other option than to use her idea for an adult novel. So she got boned multiple ways.

Sydney Dang, that is so horrible. I am going to try to stay true to L.J. Smith and not buy any of the ghost writer books.

Michelle I have not purchased any of the Ghostwritten books myself. Maybe if I got it on loan from the Library, but I would not want alloy or HarperCollins to get anymore money on either of those series.

Stella You really LIKED the book, but still only rated it one star?! You people and your nonsense, OMG. The rating is meant to reflect your opinion of the STORY, not things that have nothing to do with it. -__-

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