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The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher
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Jun 01, 2012

it was amazing
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So...how do you rate a book that you loved to hate and hated to love...

This book had me in such an angry state by the end that I'm not sure how I refrained from throwing my poor Kindle like I wanted to.

In the beginning I loved Olivia slightly bitchy, hold no barrels, take no shit from people attitude and Caleb appeared to be the perfect guy, but then as the book progressed my perception and feelings for them changed. They both got into some situations and behavior that I just stopped liking them.

While I stopped liking them I saw everybody raving about how wonderful Olivia was and how they were crying, me? I was so angry and perturbed by the amount and magnitude of the lying, cheating, deceiving and conniving amongst the characters. In retrospective they did pretty horrible things to one and other, but it was all mainly cause by the dishonesty, by omissions, by pride. If they'd been honest with each other they could have saved a lot of trouble, but where's the fun in that? We need the drama and boy did this book gave and gave!

I wrote this to my dear friend Jenny a couple of days after I read the book, that I thought I hated but would't stop thinking about, I wrote this at about 2am, this book got me that bad!
Life is full of missunderstandings, misscommunications and what ifs, in the story they've had so many moments and opportunities and just the truth would have made their relationship, but an omission or a lie prevented them from being together. I don't think these characters are meant to be together, I don't want them to be, they are bad for each other.

The thing is that there's a lot of people in reality just like these characters, thinking that you can get away with anything in the name of love, or as in this case, obsession or dependance, because I honestly don't think this was love, it was a toxic relationship for both, bringing out the worst in each other.

I don't know what will happen on the next books, I'm glad to know that we will get the other's POVs of the story and that actually one of this characters is a hero, for me I have to read them to believe it, because based on this book alone I want Karma to come and get the 3 of them for all they've done.

Did I like the book? Hell yes! I can't remember the time a book had me so conflicted and emotional.
Would I recommend it? Again yes! I'd love to compare notes to see if anybody felt like I did.

So kudos to Tarryn Fished. Great book.

I'm a reader, not a writer, so please forgive any rambling and horrors. ;)
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Yani The jury is still out deciding if I liked it or not, may have to read again wothout so many interruptions.
At first I liked both main characters, but as the book went on, the liking was reduced. It is a rollercoaster of emotions, but I don't really appreciate all the lying and dishonesty, even in the name of love...

Jenny - TotallybookedBlog Yani that review was awesome! It definitely wasn't rambling at all. You put across all the emotions you felt reading it so well. Just great my friend.
5 stars! Wow....and to think the day after you were going to rate it 1 haha.

Gitte - TotallyBookedBlog Fab review from the heart Yani!! xx

Tarryn Fisher Love this review <3

Tarryn Fisher p.s. you "got" it. The point of this book was to showcase the things that destroy a relationship.

Jenny - TotallybookedBlog Tarryn wrote: "p.s. you "got" it. The point of this book was to showcase the things that destroy a relationship."

Yay Yani x



Yani Thanks to you my wonderful dear Jenny, you talked me off the ledge and discussing it with you made me see that it was a a great book, because of the reasons that I was 'hating it', because it was different, because it wasn't all perfect, because the characters are deeply and realistically flawed, and because it made me think, and get angry and reevaluate all the wrongs that we can do and that don't make a right.

Thanks G and Sali, this was my 1st book review ever!
(Sali I just accidentally deleted one of your comments, dunno how, I'm sorry babe, don't use this a lot)

Tarryn I'm so relieved that I got it, you have no idea, Jenny does, I thought I was crazy cause everybody was loving the characters and I couldn't not with all that shit they were doing to each other and others around them. I would have loved some clue while reading, that the story will be told from different POV and that there's a hero, when I found that out it changed the whole perspective I had on the book.

Sali bae u can delete my comments ....as long as u read it 1st coz it was 4 u lol <3 u babe

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