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Monster by Walter Dean Myers
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May 14, 2012

really liked it

This book is about an African American boy named Steve Harmon. Steve is on trial for being apart of a murder at a convenient store. He claims that he didn't do it, but did he? This book is written in a screen play format and goes through the real process of a trial. Steve writes his story as if it were a movie which is why the book is written in screen play format. There are also parts of the book that seem to be written in a journal format (and even though I hate journal formatting in books, this book was not overwhelming with journal entries.)

I did like this book. It probably helped that when I was in high school, I was ALWAYS reading scripts for drama so this book was easy for me to understand. I feel like students could get a ton out of this book for many reasons. Students could take this book and and understand point of view and understand the different types of writing. I think that an interesting activity would be to do a scene out of the book and act it out, or even do a court room trial of their own. It would be interesting also to see the students write a journal entry about something that they were scared about or something that they didn't do for a writing activity.

This book would be a book that I would consider for a book to teach in my own classroom. This book has an African American boy as the main character, so this would interest students because it is different than a white boy or white girl as the main character. This book is about struggles that a 16 year-old deals with and everyone knows that sixteen is an age where struggle should be your middle name. :) (lol)

I'm not sure how I would include this in my lesson or unit, but I will do my best to do it. I think the format is different and unique and something students would appreciate because it's not like others. This book was a quick read and i think it was quick because of the format of the book.

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