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The Talker Collection by Amy Lane
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May 14, 12

Read in May, 2012

Talker was a series of 3 stories that Amy Lane has brought together as one Novel. This story features Tate Walker and Brian Cooper. Just to bring you up to date, Brian and Tate met on a High School Track Team Bus. This meeting changed their lives.

Tate Walker, severely burned as a baby, has scars both outside and in. His flamboyant dress, tattoos and Mohawk hairstyle were a cover up so people would not look beneath; only Brian did. Their friendship grew, as Brian watched Tate walked out the door on a 'date', where he was raped and brutalized, before Brian could `come out' and tell Tate he loved him. The heartbreaking scene when Tate returned home broken and bleeding telling Brian `he had hoped Brian was gay, but now he is so happy he is not, because he is the only one he has ever felt safe with.' Unbeknownst to Tate, Brian had found the rapist Trevor and beat him bloody.

In Talkers Redemption, Trevor in retaliation comes with two men, pipes and chains, attacking Brian in a parking lot, while Tate is sent for help. Brian lies for months in the hospital battered and broken while the `family' they are surrounded with look on; Old Doc Sutherland their friend and psychologist, and Brian's Aunt offers support to the young men. Talker has to make decisions about overcoming your wildest fears and darkest nightmares.

So you are all caught up, and now readers, we are up to And They Could Live Happily Ever After. I was so excited, having to get to see another glimpse of Talker and Brian. We find that it is a few years later, and they are still battling the remains of Brian's physical hurt from that deadly beating. They both now have scars on their bodies, and Brian has started working with clay. Talker bought him this to help his fingers to work better. College is almost over for Brian. Talker isn't even sure he knows what Brian's degree will be. But Brian has gotten a job in an art store and it blossoms into something Brian loves.

Brian's eyes are finally bright with accomplishment. He is creating things with his hands and he loves it. Brian is given a wonderful opportunity, and would walk away from it all for Talker. Brian is the one, the one who has sacrificed all for Talker. We read this beautiful poignant story and your wish is to take all the pain away for both of them. These boys who you have watched are growing into men. They have had to make some tough decisions along the way and deserve the Big Payout. Only Amy Lane can tell the story of love, home and family. We are shown the sculpture that Brian has made that is Talker, and we cry as Tate Walker sees how Brian Cooper sees him and we wish with all our hearts we could have someone bless us with that kind of love.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair and Senior Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild
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message 1: by Nila (new)

Nila Great review. I need to read this series soon. (It's on Audible, and a good story is even better when it's read well. I'll have to check it out.)

Grammy 1 You will do yourself a favor by reading this series

message 3: by Nila (new)

Nila Grammy wrote: "You will do yourself a favor by reading this series"

The Talker Series:

Thanks for your recommendation. You're the second person to tell me how good this series is.

I didn't quite understand if you were making the distinction that reading was better than listening. I think audio is best for the story but reading is best for noticing and appreciating the writing quality.

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