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How to Raise the Perfect Dog by Cesar Millan
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May 14, 2012

it was amazing
Read in November, 2009

Her name is Piper ... she's a Miniature Pincer and she is the unparalleled love of my life. I bought her from my sister when she was 6 weeks old and even when I walked into the living room and found her tugging vigorously on the corner of the carpet which she'd pulled back all the way from the kitchen to the sofa ... I forced myself to remember the mantra "What would Cesar Do?"

Now she's a big girl (well, big for a mini pin) and everywhere I go I am complimented on what a truly great dog she is. Every home or apartment I've rented since I bought her has agreed to write a letter of recommendation about what a great and non-destructive dog she is. Every roomie I've had has fallen so madly in love with her that some of them have actually wanted to visit her after I've moved. My brother bought her brother and constantly insists that I must have gotten the best dog of the litter because she is so much more well behaved than his dog ... I haven't the heart to tell him it's because of how differently they were raised. I can tell her to stop begging for food and she walks away, I can point to a spot and she goes there and sits down, I can tell her to go to her room and she'll open her kennel door with her nose, go inside and lay down. But she's a happy, energetic, full of life, healthy dog! At the dog park people are constantly asking me how I get her to listen so well, how she can be the only dog walking around smelling the ground and minding her own business without bugging every other dog and owner in the park. She never gets in fights, her tail is always up, her body language is comfortable, she's friendly to everyone who approaches her and her breed standard she doesn't yap, in fact she hardly barks at all and when I say stop, she stops immediately.

I have the Perfect Dog thanks to Cesar.

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