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A Night Like This by Julia Quinn
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Jun 18, 2012

did not like it
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Read in June, 2012

I highly doubt that I would want to pick up another book by Julia Quinn after this.

I've been reading Julia Quinn's books for years now, most of which I found entertaining if not fantastic. As a matter of fact, there were two that I particularly loved. Remember An Offer From a Gentleman and The Viscount Who Loved Me? No? Well, you should read them. You'll not regret it, though I can't say much for her other novels.

It's disappointing because I know what Ms Quinn is capable of. She used to write with such finesse that I sometimes find myself admiring her penmanship. Her characters would come to life, and their little quirks and banters never fail to make me smile. With 'a night like this,' however, everything just seemed predictable to the point of being tedious and stale. I wouldn't have finished this book if I didn't remind myself that I paid good money for it. To think, I even pre-ordered the book. Never again.

The characters in this novel were beyond unrealistic. What's with the love at first sight on Daniel's part? Not that I mind the whole 'love at first sight' concept. In fact, I quite like them if they are executed properly but in this case, it just seems laughable. It is pretty much implied that the whole reason Daniel fell in love with Anne was because of her 'exotic' beauty. I know first impression counts and it is the same for everyone but shallow much? He didn't even know the woman, for heaven's sake. Didn't even know what kind of baggage she carried. His near stalker tendencies were no laughing matter either, though that's not the worst of it. There was no growth in Daniel's character. I delved into this book with no expectations for complex and well-developed characters, knowing Ms. Quinn's penchant for the light and fluffy but still, having a personality of a cardboard is not my idea of interesting.

Anne, on the other hand, was unfortunately another tepid character. I felt no sympathy for her and what she had gone through. Did I mention that the antagonist was like a facsimile of some lame cartoon villain whose motive for revenge was so insignificant that it was the only thing that made the book a worthwhile read? He reminded me of a peacock whose feathers had been ruffled.

Plot: Mediocre

Character development: Nonexistent

Level of enjoyment: Let's just say that I'll never read another book by Ms Quinn again

But don't let me and my little rant stop you from picking up this book. You'll never know that you might end up liking it.

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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Pereira that bad huh?... haha..

Abigail Yow Rebecca wrote: "that bad huh?... haha.."
Yeah, it was that bad. Can't really stress how disappointed I am.

PS: I see that you have finished reading the graveyard book. How was it?

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