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Ral's Woman by Laurann Dohner
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Jun 02, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: erotica, sci-fi
Read in May, 2012


Zorn Warriors Book 1

2.5 of 5 Stars :(

Where do I begin with this book?? *sigh*....let me start off by saying how much I love Laurann Dohner. After reading her Mate Set and Cyborg Seduction series, I was really looking forward to reading this. I was very disappointed in the way this story turned out. I am not a major fan of sci-fi romance books, but I decided to give Ral’s Woman a try since I adored Ms. Dohner’s previous series. I just couldn’t connect with the story or the characters. The story had no backbone, it was just page after page of sex and confusion and a constant disconnect on the reader’s part. I guess after finishing this, I was more intrigued by the concept of the story and not the actual story itself. Although, the book had plenty of action and adventure, I felt there was no detail. The story just went from one obstacle to another. I know many people liked this book, but it just didn’t sit well with me. :(

My Official Summary:

Ariel has been kidnapped by an alien race called the Anzon who are looking for compatible species to mate with. They discover humans are too fragile and she's given away as a prize to their other captive slaves in a fight created to amuse the Anzons. Ral, a Zorn warrior, is the strongest of all the participants and wins the battle since, as soon as he sees Ariel, he has to have her. This is twice Ariel has been captured now, but this time around its by a hot alien and Ariel isn’t protesting.

Review Continued:

The heroine had me frustrated to the teeth! I just didn’t like her! At first she is terrified of being captured by aliens, then she is furious of being given to some other alien as a slave....then all in the space of seconds she becomes lovey dovey! I mean come on...can you say WTF MUCH!! At first she doesn’t want to be touched by Ral then all of a sudden he goes naked and she goes stupid. “Ohhh..would you look at that...Ral, sexy alien, Ral, big “winky”, Ral, give me NOW!” She forgets about her previous emotions and wants nothing more than Ral because...wait for it...she realizes he is the “one” for her and she is madly in love??!! She accepts her situation right away, no questions asked despite her previous terrors. Ariel was not a main character I would have picked as..well...a main character. She wasn’t strong, or even remotely realistic. There was no connection or even a thread that readers could hang on from as a way to connect with her! Definitely not someone I would peg as a heroine..more like an idiot maybe. *shakes head*

Now don’t get me wrong, I have read plenty of erotic books where the girl hopelessly falls in love with the alpha male...the only difference is those books have a point to the story and the relationship always starts off with a base. It is not rushed! This book had no base and definitely no emotions of love that make your heart beat fast. It was solely a lusove (falls in love because of sex; lust) relationship! Not my kind of thing.

As for Ral....honestly I wouldn’t describe him as as sexy or hot, at all! *shudder* I mean the author’s description of Ral was an alien with long hair, sharp pointy teeth, big and oh yeah lots of hair?!? The picture I got in my head of this was:


Yeah I know, a disturbing image...and definitely NOT sexy! Also, it seemed to me for someone who was praised as being really smart, I thought he was just stupid. He can’t even form a proper sentence for God sakes! And yes he is an alpha male, but there is a limit to what a hot possessive alpha male is and what an ugly caveman is. Ral was the latter one....he doesn’t give Ariel a chance to voice her opinions (not that she had much), instead just states his desires and proceeds to fulfill them. Once again there was no connection between the H/ was all very “we have great sex so we belong together!” No character development was a major issue in this book and the story would have been much better if both the main characters underwent at least some form of realization.

Overall, I was very disappointed in this book. There definitely needed to be a much more detailed plot, a point to the story and for sure strong characters. The idea was interesting but very poorly executed. Although, I didn’t enjoy this I will still be looking forward to reading the next book in the series, Kidnapping Casey. I have an open mind and hopefully the second book will be much better than the first! :)


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