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Weregild by Carole Cummings
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May 13, 2012

did not like it
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Read from May 13 to June 07, 2012

What can I say...I gave up. And I can tell you exactly why and exactly why I don't feel bad about it at all. And why I feel like my $6.99 should even be returned to me.

Book One, Wolf's Own ended in the middle of the story - and no I don't mean it ended with a cliffhanger. It ended in the middle of a scene with no resolution. So of course the author left me with no choice whatsoever but to immediate buy and start reading this book so that I could read the end of that scene, that problem, and find out the outcome only to be completely let down by it because it didn't even advance the plot that much.

Carry on with the fact that I am now reading book 2 which to me feels like I am still reading book 1. So it is totally understandable that these 2 books actually feel like the world's longest, most drawn out single book of all time to me, right?? So now I am bored. I couldn't care less about the characters any more. They are making the same decisions, the same mistakes, despite supposed growth, and the plot just isn't advancing. The characters are all running around in the same circles over and over - or at least it feels that way since I am reading the longest, and most drawn out book of all time.

I can't seem to say this enough, but an author has approximately 300 pages to prove to you the reader that they are deserving of your, time, money, and interest. If they cannot do that without providing the reader a complete story, beginning, middle, and end then they don't deserve you as a reader. Now that doesn't mean you can't write series. There are obviously numerous series out there that do an excellent job of providing a complete story to the reader, while also holding enough back to also provide a complete series arc that keeps the reader interested from book to book to book. So frankly, after reading book 1, and then being forced to purchase book 2 in order to actually finish reading book I I feel like I am owed a refund because I was swindled into it. Even though I know that I shouldn't have gotten sucked in because a book with no ending is never a good sign, but I was and I am mad at myself for falling for it.

I just cannot support series whose authors cannot provide a complete story to readers, and instead of writing a compelling and satisfying ending that also leaves a reader wanting more goes for the old cliche "cliffhanger" that is actually just purposely leaving off the ending.
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22.0% "Good start but the first whole chapter should have been the end of book 1 and not the beginning of book 2."
31.0% "I'm kinda getting tired of this story. Since there was no ending to book 1 and I'm reading book 2 immediately after it now feels like just 1 insanely long and drawn out book and in bored."
35.0% "I might have to start another book and put this one down for a while. I feel like I am reading the longest book ever and my interest is waning. Not sure yet what I'm gonna do."
40.0% "I think I am giving this one up. It just feels so long and slow since the first book didn't have an ending. Reading both back to back with no ending for the first one makes them feel like 1 never ending book instead of 2. Review to come!"

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message 1: by S. (new)

S. J. Sorry to hear that. Yeah, I hate to waste money on a series that is clearly going no where. If it wasn't for the fact that it does go somewhere (albeit s l o w l y), I wouldn't be a fan of Inuyasha. And the 1st book seriously just ended in the middle of a scene?

message 2: by Bry (new) - rated it 1 star

Bry Yes it did! Such crap :( so annoying and even all this time later I feel I still deserve a refund!

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