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Carpe Corpus by Rachel Caine
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The end of an arc, and a pretty good end, too. Things are once more a-changing in Morgansville. Here's another one of the books where a whole lot happens. Many of them really, really big things.

One of the big things happens between Claire and Shane. Probably a relief for many readers. I thought it was handled quite well.

Bishop, Ysandre and Francois get their asses righteously and well deservedly kicked.

We lose a core character and I shall forever miss them.

More secrets about Morganville are revealed to Claire via Myrnin and it seems that a computer ghost has become one of her newer enemies.

And Myrnin... Oh Myrnin is even more love than before. He is SO my new book boyfriend.

While I certainly enjoyed this book, I wanted to kick Claire in the ass at the end. That shit with Dean could have been so easily avoided after what she learned about him having access to the portals. When she remembered that he knew Jason, two and two should have been put together right there. That irritated me a little. Claire is a nice girl, but there is such a thing as too nice and too gullible! Please let this girl start learning from past mistakes when she's dealing with people! Especially the people in Morganville! It's not just the vamps she has to watch out for. She should know this just based on what happened to her in book one alone!
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28.0% "Claire has just met a vampire computer. Oh Myrnin, you so crazy."
32.0% "Here's Claire. Going out when everyone tells her to stay inside. What bad thing is going to happen this time?"
33.0% "So Monica got her groove back. Great."
38.0% "Claire and Eve are being really stupid talking to this guy. They probably shouldn't even be seen speaking to one another in public. If this doesn't come back to bite them in the ass, I'll be really surprised."
42.0% "And now because you don't stay home, something bad is about to happen to you. Again."
51.0% "Awwww, well it was about time!"
92.0% "Soooooo... Claire remembers that Dean had access to the portals and hung with Jason, but not that Jason said he watched someone else kill those girls? I know a lot has happened, but this is SO obvious!"

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