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Black Wings by Christina Henry
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Jun 12, 2014

did not like it
bookshelves: couldn-t-finish

I finally just had to give up on this book. There was just nothing about it that I liked.
My big complaint is why in the world would anyone trust the eternal souls of people to a group of unpaid/unhappy about their job/ sometimes 13 year old/ indifferent people who have this task just because of their bloodline. The opening scene shows the main character leaving a batty old lady to waunder forever as a ghost because she needs to show her apartment WTF. She could have easily helped put the lady's soul to ease, but she was too busy, so now this poor lady can NEVER cross over.
Needless to say this made me hate the main character right away.
Her boss is an unnessisary jerk and a stereotypical middle management a-hole. Too over done. And how do they all survive/ keep this building running if there is no money in this job? None of this was explained.

Throw in a gargoyle for the fun of it who has the worst voice ever if your listening to the audio book version. If not just imagine chipmunks who have smoked for a hundred years. He never leaves the house because he's protecting some kind of portal.. except for all the times he goes out with her...

Then, the dark looming guy/Angel (of course named Gabriel) shows up and they quickly decide they can't keep their arms off each other, even though they barely get along, but they're hot so its ok. But its not ok because she's a virgin and he is guaranteed to impregnate everytime he has sex because of some weird devil curse that makes his semen immune to every form on contraceptive. I guess that even if she's on the pill, his semen will just yank the egg out of her fallopian tube and carry it along to the uterus. They tear through condoms and will shoot straight through your diaphram. Heck, even if you take your uterus out they just set up show elsewhere hahahahahah

Somewhere around this time I ripped the audio book from my car stereo because my hysterical laughter was making it very hard to drive.
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