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Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony
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May 13, 12

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It is hard to rate this book because there are two experiences: the story and he interactive part of it. The story is just okay but the novelty of the experience makes it interesting and worth taking a look. It is like a pop-up book for teens (and others like me who will always enjoy the Young Adult genre). We are all part of the touchpad generation today. Chopsticks is like having a conversation with your friend and being able to immediately share a link or video or song in relation to a topic or just randomly. My favorite aspect of reading or I should say "reading" this book was learning about Jo Ann Castle aka the Ragtime Queen from the Lawrence Welk Show. She is an amazing and entertaining pianist which I would love to be. I did not know the origins of chopsticks on the piano. I guess I knew someone actually composed it but I did not realize it could be fun and complex to listen to or perform. More books or should I say "books" will be "written" this way and that will be fun but I would like a combination of a written story with interactive features. This "book" took me a while to finish but it is actually meant to take as long as he reader chooses. In fact it does not even have to be read sequentially. I got it as an app and that is a good way to view it. It is an amusing app. And the fact that I am typing this review on a touchscreen speaks to why I was interested in reading Chopsticks and why the authors were inspired to create it.

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