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Darkness Shall Fall by Alister McGrath
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Mar 06, 14

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Read on June 17, 2012

**if there are any goodreads librarians reading this review, there is a grammatical mistake in one of the titles of this author's books (see: dawkin's god [sic] dawkin's --> dawkins').


^this is exactly what i wanted to do on every single page i read. had such a button existed on the back of this book, it would have shorted out.

when i applied for this on the goodreaders i didn't know it was a work of christian fiction. i'm not into that scene at all, so reading it a) makes me feel lost and confused and b) condescended to, as they frequently take jabs at non-christians/non-religious people. alas, i did not know this. i saw only a pretty cover on what i hoped was going to be a cute young adult novel. nope.

i try to be open-minded to different views. i love c.s. lewis even though his stuff is absolutely teeming with christian symbolism (e.g. the witch is descended from adam's first and evil wife, lilith--they cut that part out of the movie, interestingly), but he's subtle enough and good enough of a writer that i was able to overlook this and simply enjoy the story--and even the christian theology behind it, because he's not at all preachy. not so with mr. mcgrath.

1. the first sign that we would not achieve reader-writer simpatico occurred when i took a look at the other books he'd written. the dawkins delusion, the twilight of atheism, heresy a history of defending the truth, and dawkin's god genes memes and the meaning of life (librarians, if any of you are reading this, that should be dawkins' god). any book that presents science as a sort of golden calf is already not my cup of tea.

2. the villain is a traitorous, backstabbing judas/lucifer combination (and peras, his name, has the same number of letters and syllables as judas, and sounds an awful lot like it to boot) who mocks the aedyn residents for their blind faith and asks them why they have no faith in science.

i see what you did there, mr. mcgrath.

3. the main character, peter, is completely unlikable. the first thing we see him doing is betraying his friend to get away from an evil monster. the monster sees him so he doesn't get to complete the act of betrayal and is forced to do the right thing (fight it off his injured friend). he feels bad, but not that bad. he's also a sexist little turd. when peras comes, peter is immediately besotted with their new savior, even though his step-sister is immediately suspicious and warns him several times. peter's response? "oh girls are silly with silly ideas. not like us sensible menfolk, eh, eh?"


4. the characters are shallow. they don't have depth. they have these emotional outbursts that last a sentence and then in the next sentence they're suddenly chill again and saying, "you still mad, bro?" (literally.)

oh good, now i'm out. let's look for jesus the lord of hosts.

their lack of substance makes them an utter bore to read about. just look at this line from the villain (peras):

"look who's got a wittle bitty bwade. gonna clean under my fingernails, wittle man?"

wow. i don't even know what to say to that--except that this is the suckiest villain ever. he wanders around bare-chested or in, according to the illustrations, leather harness shirt and black leather pants, and long blonde hair, and an "angelic face." he's like a laurell k. hamilton reject.

^this is what true bad-assery looks like, for your future edification.

this is apparently one of the later books in the series (which the advertisement and the book profile did not show), so that might explain some of the lack of characterization if the author is relying on previous novels to help drive the actions of the characters in this one. it doesn't excuse the shoddy characterization, but it does help to explain why a large-sized portion of this book appeared to be missing for no reason.

if you enjoy christian fantasy/fiction, or are/were a fan of lost, you might like this book. if not...pick up c.s. lewis instead. same concept, better execution.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. This in no way biased or shaped my reading or opinion of the book.
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0.0% "oh crap. i am reading a book called "the eden chronicles" by a guy who thinks agnostics and atheists are the same thing and are also living in denial. we're off to a rocky start..."
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38.0% "oh goody. the villain is a scientist who mocks the 'good' people with faith. "you would question my wisdom, toad? you would reason and science?"

like organized religion has never discriminated against scientists..."

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message 1: by sondheim (new)

sondheim librarian'd! and now I am just... going to stare at matt smith a little. yes.

Nenia Campbell haha thanks! you and your librarian powers are awesome!

ikr? he's so cute, and from what i've read about him, he seems like a total sweetie, too.

he's like:

and i'm like:


message 3: by sondheim (new)

sondheim YES exactly. he is the most silly-looking of creatures but you just can't help wanting to stare at him and listen to him say things and watch him give amazing speeches as he pwns hostile aliens.

add to that the fact that he wrote doctor who fanfiction as a character exercise and hi I don't think my ovaries can handle this anymore.

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