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Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster
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May 12, 2012

really liked it
Read from September 03 to 04, 2012

I really liked this one! I think the best part was the world: it's steampunk with vampires and werewolves which is something I haven't really seen before (though my experience with the steampunk genre is a bit limited). It's Kristen Callihan's Darkest London series meets Meljean Brook's Iron Seas series and I love this combination! I thought the characters were great and even the characters with the smallest roles were well thought out. So, why doesn't it get 5 stars? There was something about the romantic relationship between Honoria and Blade that just didn't click with me. I think Blade was too interested too quickly without enough development of those feeling. Honoria seemed extremely resistant then suddenly throws herself into the relationship which felt unnatural to me. The actual hows and whys of what put them together aside, I like them as a couple and going forward in the series I will likely enjoy them, but I just expect better development of feelings between characters.

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Brandy My thoughts exactly. Once you accept the relationship as established, it's not so bad. But, you have to diregard the why's and how's. I truly did not like many of the scenes between the two of them in the beginning. I mentioned in my own review that the first somewhat intimate scene as his thrall read somewhat "rapish." And the blood scenes with Will were, ummmm, odd. I did enjoy the book, though. I would rate Callihan's Darkest London series higher though. I am going to have to try the Iron Seas series, now!

Katherine Is it sad that I read this not even two months ago but can't remember the first thrall scene?? It's been a busy month I guess. I vaguely recall though that there was something very uncomfortable about their relationship in the beginning. I think the blood scenes with Will were meant to be shocking, to both the reader and Honoria.

I far prefer Callihan's Firelight to this book, though I was somewhat disappointed with Moonglow. The Iron Seas Series is fantastic.

Brandy Gasp, and how can you not remember the first thrall scene!?!? LOL! Yours is not the first good comment I've randomly come across for the Iron Seas series, so it is definately on my To Read list, now.
I actually fell more in love with Moonglow , not because of Daisy, but Ian rather. I am a little unsure of how I am going to warm up to Lane as the hero in 3rd installment, Winterblaze,as in all of his appearances in the previous two, I was never really drawn to him one way or another. In comparison, I am also not too sure of how seeing Will as the front and center character in the next London Steampunk novel will work. Lena seemed to have a lot more going on with her, so I am looking forward to her story. But, Will, I don't know, we'll see!

Katherine I loved Ian as well. Daisy was Meh. I think it also comes down to relationship development again - it just wasn't quite there like it was in Firelight. I want Winterblaze to be amazing, but I also have some reservations about it. I don't feel much connection to Lane or Poppy.

I am interested to see how things work out with Will and Lena too, especially considering the complication with Blade!

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