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Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost
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Jul 03, 12

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Read from June 26 to July 03, 2012

If Vlad is the Night Prince, Bones is still the undisputed King!

I'm not writing a big review. (because I'm scared to lose my favorite friends over this book...)

I think it's a fun read, and I love the actual Vlad history and locations throughout Romania that Frost writes about.
But I didn't feel a lot of heart in this book. It was steamy, to be sure, but I think Vlad has shown himself to be a better guy than he is in this book. He is harder and scarier in Once Burned than he ever is in Night Huntress.

Leila is sweet and adorable. She is a fantastic character with very interesting abilities. I wasn't crazy about the side characters: like Marty and Maximus. I didn't dislike them, but they didn't catch my attention.

I was disappointed with the abrupt ending. There's a great deal of action at the end of the book. It's not a cliffhanger but kind of a lackluster ending.

All in all it's a fun read, but I don't think it does Vlad justice. My favorite scene with Vlad is when he talks Cat down from killing herself in At Grave's End, night huntress 3. He has much more depth and heart than the Vamp in this book.
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06/28/2012 "Starting now: 645 on Thursday night. I wasn't able to keep my vow to wait until it was closer to the next book. Oh well. Romania here I come!"
07/01/2012 "Now I really am starting this book. I mis Cat and bones already."
5.0% "Interesting beginning. She has a few interesting abilities..."
5.0% "I realize why I am having trouble starting this book: it feels really like I'm cheating on Cat and Bones.
I should have read this the day I got it. But I subconsciously feel like I'm cheating... Lol.."
10.0% "I'm in. Not letting anything distract me. I like it already, and I bow to Tavia Gilbert." 1 comment
10.0% "Tavia Gilbert is amazing."
30.0% "I loved this book right up until the dinner. I dont like the way Vlad belittled Maximus and Leila with his proclamation/dare. I feel sorry for Maximus, and I'm angry with Vlad. He disrespected her.

I hope he makes up for it. Bones treated Cat with respect, he was amazing to her. I expected more from Vlad."
35.0% "Ok I'm coming around again. I might forgive him... This is still a fabulous book."
60.0% "I like it a lot.
But... I don't feel the same as I did when I read the Night Huntress books. This would be better as a part of the Night Huntress World.
I don't think this is compelling enough for multiple books. But I don't mean to complain... I like the characters. I was ready for something new."
60.0% "There were some key things Vlad said to Leila before they "got friendly". I foresee an ending that will leave me crazed for the next book.
How long until the next book? I will end up stalking Jeaniene Frost's website begging for expedient release of part two....
So forget about my last comment."
75.0% "Im not totally enthralled. I will have to reread this later to see if it is a mood thing." 4 comments
95.0% "I am not liking all the action and bad guy chasing that's taking up the end of the book. I have 30 mins left. The relationship wasn't strong enough for me, it was mostly lust. I don't know how he feels for her. I mean, he left her alone for a really long time. And then left her at the stables for his men to get her. She almost died. Unacceptable. If Vlad is the Night Prince, Bones is still the undisputed King!" 3 comments

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Sarah I have been impatiently waiting for this one forever! I pre-ordered it last year so Amazon better deliver my copy on the release date or I'm not going to be happy lol. The only problem with awesome current series is the long wait between books though lol

Brittany B. Sarah wrote: "I have been impatiently waiting for this one forever! I pre-ordered it last year so Amazon better deliver my copy on the release date or I'm not going to be happy lol. The only problem with awesome..."

Yep. That's exactly how I feel. I don't want to wait for the next book, and I have a feeling she'll leave us hanging like she did with Cat and Bones' first book... I hate waiting!! :)

Sarah I have a feeling you're probably right lol. This is why I almost prefer to wait until a series is finished before I start reading it. But then I adore Jeaniene Frost's writing so much there is no way I can resist picking up Vlad's book!

Aly is so frigging bored I am 40% into the book and it's great! The funny thing is that the action is in Romania :)) And I don't recognize the good infrastructure they were talking about there(the roads are a nightmare and every bridge has to has at least a hole in it).

message 5: by Brittany B. (last edited Jun 27, 2012 03:39AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Brittany B. Aly (Lothaire) Daciano wrote: "I am 40% into the book and it's great! The funny thing is that the action is in Romania :)) And I don't recognize the good infrastructure they were talking about there(the roads are a nightmare and..."

Lofl. That's my favorite thing you've ever said!
(I haven't started that one- I'm going to read it after I finish your favorite historical author: Elizabeth Hoyt's newest book.) ;)
I kind of know how you feel- authors love to use New Orleans, and they have a skewed view to say the least.

But it must be pretty cool to have the biggest new PNR/UF series taking place in Romania! Are people there offended at her interp of Vlad the impaler?

Aly is so frigging bored I have no idea :)) But I love it :D

Sherrilyn Kenyon had a novella set here with an interpretation of Rome and Juliet. The chick was Vlad's daughter and he was evil in this one :D

Brittany B. Why won't you take the bait about the Hoyt book? You're supposed to tell me how much you hate it... Lol.

I'm saving Once Burned. Just for a day or two. I know it will be good. :)

Aly is so frigging bored It is great, not only good!

I'll still read it, even if it is less then... desirable.

message 9: by Brittany B. (last edited Jun 27, 2012 12:49PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Brittany B. Well, you might like it. (Hoyt)
It's not my favorite, but I'm in the minority. The ghost thing gets out of hand IMO.

I'm still saving Once Burned for tomorrow. I am really excited to here the descriptions of Romania. :)

Aly is so frigging bored If you want more details I can share :D I know most of those places JF talked about...

Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog) OMG! You have started to read it! What do you think so far?

Brittany B. I haven't started. I have it and I keep avoiding it. I don't know why!!! I seem to have book anxiety. I think I was let down by the Elizabeth Hoyt Book and I wanted to let my excitement for this one ebb before I start. I don't want to be disappointed with this one too!

Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog) You need to get on it! I have a couple of books I need to finish up then I am on it. I can't wait to get me some Vlad. Everyone is saying how good it is though, I am hoping popular opnion is correct!

Brittany B. I got involved in my new found appreciation for Psy Changelings. But I will let you know when I start.

Then I have to read Mercy thompson and Kaye Daniels soon. Im the last girl I know to read the series.

Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog) Oh, I love the Psy Changeling series! I can understand getting caught in them.

Oh yes, those two are my fave UF books, especially Kate Daniels! I hope you like them, you would be crazy not to lol!

Aly is so frigging bored Did you starti it? Btw Kate is really cool :d if you don.t like it from the start just read on, trust me on this :d

should we buddy read the other series? I know i haven.t read it and many people like it... i don.t remember why i haven.t started it.

Brittany B. Oh god yes. I will definitely buddy read with you. Tell me when. :)

Aly is so frigging bored Starting on Thursday I am all yours :D

Brittany B. Perfect!!

Brittany B. Wait are you referring to Mercy?

Brittany B. I was thinking you meant Cat and Bones.
Oh I'd LOVE to read Mercy with you. I need a buddy read for that one or I'll never read it. That would make me so happy, you just have to tell me the rules of a Buddy Read. I'm a virgin... :)

Aly is so frigging bored No rules :D We kind of set a time-limit for the book(ex: 3 days) and we break the book up into chapters or smth and bitch/moon about it in PMs and/or statuses :D It's all open to discussion.

I would never read Mercy alone either :))

Brittany B. I love it! Perfect!

message 24: by Dija (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dija Aly, I'm upset that we haven't had a buddy read in ages. I feel so unloved. :'(

@Brittany: You'll love Adam! He's the ultimate alpha, and so yummy too~~ ;D

Aly is so frigging bored Well, since I tend to read my books really fast and you live them till everyone finishes, I don't know why we don't meet in the middle :D(talking about the group read here :D)

If you want I can start the Loretta Chase and we can talk about it on the group :*

message 26: by Dija (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dija I'm lazy when it comes to group reads, I admit, but I've never shirked a buddy read. You just never offered. *wounded*

message 27: by Brittany B. (last edited Jul 03, 2012 02:49AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Brittany B. Dija don't feel bad. Have you read the series? You could reread it with us and be our cheerleader when we are impatiently complaining for more romance (I heard it grows steamy, but world building and character development comes first.) If you're up for a reread, please join us.

Aly is so frigging bored I think of all our group reads as buddy reads!

And Brittany is right, you are so invited to join us if you feel up for a re-read :*

message 29: by Dija (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dija Aww, thanks for the offer, you two, but no thanks. I'm really not a fan of re-reading, and especially not of this particular series where the romance is so bloody frustrating. I'll definitely be your cheerleader though, because the most recent book sorta makes up for the lack of steam in the earlier ones. ;)

message 30: by Megan (new)

Megan King Bones!

message 31: by Dija (last edited Jul 03, 2012 11:03AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dija YES, yes, yes to everything you said in that last paragraph. I liked Vlad well enough before that scene, but him stopping Cat (view spoiler) is what made me truly fall in love with him.

Sarah Fab review Brittany, it's a shame you were disappointed with the story though. I STILL haven't received my copy yet so I don't know how I'll find it but I'm looking forward to giving it a try. I have to say that is one of my favourite scenes with Vlad in it too - he is awesome when he is talking Cat down.

All hail King Bones though LOL

Brittany B. :) thanks y'all. I am glad that I wrote that last scene, I didn't know if anyone would remember it. I have read the first 3 books more than I should admit to. And I don't think I ever read that scene without crying.
I wish there had been more focus on fleshing Vlad out; he is a more multi-dimensional, complex character than this story lets on.

Dija: thanks for the review advice last night. (it was night for me when I finished, or rather 4am...:) I wouldn't have remembered the line otherwise.❤

Sarah: don't let me jinx you into disliking it, remember you're dealing with a very crazed night huntress fan... :) and I did like it. I dont want to affect your experience.

message 34: by Dija (last edited Jul 03, 2012 11:49AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dija LOL, I don't deserve any credit at all, it was you who came up with such a great line! ;)

And about Vlad being a faded version of himself here - I think I'm willing to let it slide, because hey, this is from Leila's POV, right? The book portrays Vlad as she sees him, so while we've seen other, better versions of him in NH, she hasn't, and the book reflects that.

Sarah Don't worry Brittany, I could see by the 4 stars that you didn't hate the book! It can be hard for our favourite authors to live up to our expectations all of the time but 4 stars still indicates a good book :o)

I'm a huge Bones fan so I'm not sure Vlad would ever be able to take is place in my heart - I am excited to find out more about him though!

Brittany B. Oh that is an excellent point. I guess we'll see in a year. I really hope so. (ugh that is forever)

message 37: by Ren (new) - added it

Ren Never afraid to lose friend just because your review, Brittany. Whatever you write, whatever rating you give to book, even you dislike book I love and vice versa, its your opinion =)

Brittany B. I know you're right. But I like the friends I have here as much as the books.. So I just try not to be offensive. To be respectful of other opinions.

Aly is so frigging bored Love you don't have to be :D We'll like you anyway, you can write whatever about any book and I, for example, I'll bitch and try to make you change your opinion, but in the end I'll still be friends with you :*

Whoever doesn't like it can go to hell...

message 40: by Ren (last edited Jul 04, 2012 01:16AM) (new) - added it

Ren Brittany B. wrote: "I know you're right. But I like the friends I have here as much as the books.. So I just try not to be offensive. To be respectful of other opinions."

Ah yes. But I don't want you to not feel fun when write reviews just because you afraid will lose friend :(. I often write offensive reviews and once got bullied because of that. Some friends I know unfriend me while I never know the reason. If I offend them, I would love they talk about it, not stab me behind my back. Even if I find you too offensive, I still respect you =)..

Umm, sorry if I talk too long, lol! I love your review, really ^^

Brittany B. Y'all are great. ❤

Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog) Yeah Brit don't worry about it, write what you feel if someone starts getting offensive aobut it, tell them to go swivel :)

Sarah Just wanting to join the others in saying don't feel like you can't express your honest opinion in your reviews Brittany! It's great when my friends on here love my favourite books too but I actually find that the most interesting conversations we all have are when we have different opinions about books.

I'd never unfriend someone for giving their honest opinion - we can't like all the same things even if we have similar thoughts about most books. Anyone who is going to walk away from friendship because of a differing opinion wasn't a friend in the first place :o)

Brittany B. Thanks you Sarah and Suz.

Actually I was mostly joking. Although I do pad my reviews every now and then.
I do have great friends here. :)

message 45: by MISS VAIN (last edited Jul 05, 2012 02:27PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

MISS VAIN Great review Brittany!:)

Brittany B. Thanks!

Gabriela Araujo Agree with you.

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