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Nerve by Jeanne Ryan
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May 12, 2012

really liked it
Read in May, 2012

I would first like to say that I was given this book through Goodreads, so I'd like to thank the author and everyone else who is associated with me getting this book.

I was very excited to win this through a giveaway. The description sounded like something I'd totally be into.

When I read the prologue... not so much. I was confused by what was happening, seeing as it started out about a girl named Abigail, yet the back of the book said the character's name was supposed to be Vee. Upon my reading of the book though, I was able to learn who Abigail was. I'm not sure if I would've chosen that as a suitable prologue, but nontheless, the rest of the book was amazing.

The book had seemed to me that there would have been much more action. I was thinking intense dares when I thought of this book. Although there wasn't that much action throughout most of the novel, I thought it was amazing. I felt the characters were easy to relate to, and easy to understand their lives.

I'm not too sure about Vee kissing Ian so early though. I felt like she should have waited to know him a bit more before their first kiss. I do love them together, though.

At first, I felt like she was maybe going to end up with another character, and I can't believe said character betrayed her as badly as he did. I was NOT expecting that. And for them to become friends afterwards... I know at the end he was only trying to help, but if I was Vee, I don't think I could've forgiven him as easily, seeing as only a month passed between his betrayal and their friendship happening again.

As said before, there wasn't much action in the book. It gets a bit more intense towards the end, with the final dare. I was actually scared for the characters.

I think this is an amazing debut novel either way, and I'm going to suggest for everyone to read this one it's published.
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