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Slammed by Colleen Hoover
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Sep 10, 12

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Read from May 12 to September 10, 2012 — I own a copy

This book was awful. Utterly horribly, sadistically, terrible! I can't believe I tortured myself with this and actually enjoyed it! What's wrong with me? Oh, I know, I love to read, and books like this are WHY I love to read. Pretty much every heart string I have was not tugged, but aggressively yanked, until I couldn't help the hicuppy sobs that were escaping me.

Lake is an 18 year old girl who along with her 9 year old brother are abruptly uprooted from her comfy home in TX when their father dies of a sudden heart attack. Without much of an explanation, other than she was offered a better paying job in MI, Lake's mom treks her and Kel, across the country. When they arrive at their new home in MI, Lake's life is once again uprooted when she meets Will, their new neighbor, and one after another, bombs of unwelcome surprises continue to go off around her, shattering her entire life as she knew and wanted it to be.

Ok, I tried... but that synopsis didn't even come close to touching on the emotional roller coaster that is Slammed. These characters are so well fleshed out, and so likable, you actually feel like your sitting along side Lake and Will as they're in the club listening to Slam poetry. The poetry is like a character onto itself... The author did an amazing job creating a character driven book filled with such a complicated plot. She "showed" me everything that was happening to these people, instead of "telling" me in some monotonous, boring detail that Lake was feeling sad about what was happening to her relationship with her mother, brother, new best friend, and Will. I felt Lake's pain. I had the puffy eyes to prove it!

As to why this book was so terrible??? I had tears in my eyes for the entire last 45% of the book. No joke, no exaggeration... I had a hard time reading because everything was swimming around in my pathetic tears.

I really wouldn't change anything about this book. Only my timing on reading it... I wish I would have held out until next weekend. My husband is going to be gone and I could have cried in peace. Instead I had to try and explain that I couldn't explain why I was bawling like a baby.

*** This was just as good in audio, and just as many tears the second time around.
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message 1: by Vicki (new)

Vicki What a great review, the book sounds so good! :)

Kristen (Peddler of Smut) I loved your review, Katie!

Katie Thanks ladies. This was a wonderful book. Not at all what you expect it to be.

message 4: by ~V~ (new) - added it

 ~V~ Great review Katie! I'm am soooo intrigued now!! So two questions for you...how's the romance and is it really YA?

Katie The romantic element is a secondary component in this one (it's the primary focus in the next book). The only reason the romance is secondary though, is because there are some really intense reasons that the h and H need to stay apart. It deals with some pretty grown up issues but it's definitely PG13.

message 6: by ~V~ (new) - added it

 ~V~ Katie wrote: "The romantic element is a secondary component in this one (it's the primary focus in the next book). The only reason the romance is secondary though, is because there are some really intense reason..."

Ok, thanks Katie! :)

message 7: by KatLynne (new) - added it

KatLynne Fantastic review Katie! I haven't read many YA and you make me want to try this one. It sounds really good.

Katie Thanks KatLynne. The H and h are 18 and 21, so all though it is technically YA, the main characters aren't annoyingly immature.

Kristin (KC) Great review! I just started Slammed... I'm even more anxious to get back to my book after reading this :)

Katie Thanks Kris! I hope you like it...

Maloup Loved your review! I couldn't explain it either and I also had puffy eyes!

Jennifer Lane I want to read this awful book too! Great review.

message 13: by Tracy (new) - added it

Tracy Hi Katie. Someone else just recommended this to me. Now that I've seen your review, I wonder if this will be the book to get me out of my slump, lol.

Katie This was a really, really good one. Just be prepared to cry.

Fafiliebe ♥ Prince Maxon ♥ Raffe ♥ Hiii is this book clean...? Thanxxx... If it containa adult scenes are they often or can they be skipped?: )

Katie This is basically a Young Adult book so it is squeaky clean.

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