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Wither by Lauren DeStefano
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May 12, 2012

really liked it
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Read from July 19 to 20, 2012 — I own a copy

4 out of 5 stars

I LOVED this book and I can't see why everyone has something against it. It sent me on a full-fledged emotional roller coaster ride. I was sad, happy, amazed. I even cried a few times. Not like, sob-cry (ok,... there was that ONE time).

It was beautifully written, had a brilliant original idea (that scares the heck out of me) and had just enough romance (Ok, truth be told, I could have used a little more) that kept me satisfied. For now.

There are only a few reasons why I didn't give this book five stars: There was a lot of talk and no action. I really loved how the story jumped RIGHT into the plot, without pidder-paddering around the idea, but once Rhine gets it in her head to leave... that's all it is until the end- an idea in her head. She brings it up every chapter, but doesn't make a move to leave.

The timing of the story seemed weird, as well. Right around the time the big thing happens to Cecily, Rhine's sister-wife, they have already been there "three months" and by the time the big thing is ready to happen, they've only been there "ten months" but Cecily is supposed to have one more month left? I don't know, maybe I missed something, or I'm over thinking it, but the timing is weird.

Lets Begin:


I like the cover. The colors are really pretty and I enjoyed how the lines, circles and squares carried on every page of the book. I think that's very unique and different. It definitely caught my eye.

I get why her head and ring fingers have circles around them, but I can't figure of the bird. There was only a few mentions of birds in the book, but they were made by Cecily, not Rhine. Unless it's supposed to signify that fact that Rhine was a "caged bird." But that doesn't make much sense because Rhine is not a type of bird, it's a free-flowing river (a real one). Maybe I'm not putting the pieces together, just right?

General Summary

In the not-so-distant future, chaos has fallen on the younger generation of children.

To find a cure for cancer and other diseases, the first generation was created strong and healthy, able to fend themselves of these illnesses, but their children aren't: They are walking, talking, ticking time bombs- Men gone at 25; Women dead at 20.

In order to find an antidote that might extend their lives, the younger generation of girls are stolen- the pretty ones weeded out for the richest people, others sold into prostitution, and the leftovers are killed. The lucky ones are pushed to have children to hand over to scientists so the scientists can study their DNA and attempt to find a cure.

Rhine finds herself among the "lucky" ones. But as soon as she comes to and finds out what has happened, she immediately starts to plan her escape. She needs to get back to her twin brother, Rowan, so she can live out the remaining four years of her life in peace. She doesn't want to have kids. She doesn't want Linden to touch her. But she knows in order to gain her freedom, she needs to earn his trust, so he'll take her wherever she wants.

But how can she trust him and the other members of the mansion, when the truth surrounding the Housemaster starts unfolding? How can she trust anyone when lies and family betrayal are just coming to surface? And how can she trust herself in Linden's presence, when even he is blind to the truth?

And how can she continue to plan when she might feel something for Linden?

And how can she continue to plan when Gabriel kisses her lips?

Opinions : Contains Mild Spoilers

First off:

The Chemical Garden by Lauren Destefano

Even though I'm fully committed to Team Gabriel, there is still a little part of me that wants Rhine and Linden to be together, you know? He's so adorable in a cute little, naive way. I think once he's found out all the lies the house hold holds, he and Rhine could get along so well. I'm going to be heartbroken when he learns the truth. To know that he's being controlled by his own Father, but he doesn't realize it... And what his Father is doing to Rose... I'm both intrigued and disgusted by the very idea of Linden finding out.

I HATED Cecily through the whole entire book. In fact, when she admitted to Rhine what she saw, immediately, without even reading the rest of the page, I knew that she told. I knew she opened her stupid, child mouth and spilled the beans that got Rhine and Gabriel in trouble. I feel no sympathy for her and wouldn't mind seeing her dead. I don't even mind that her own son is set on a path to growing up to be controlled.

Now, I loved Jenna. I'm still devastated over what happened to her. I was in so much shock, but I knew I should have expected it. All of my favorite characters end up in the situation she found herself in. I wept for her. I feel like she deserved more page time and I'm incredibly curious at how her memory will play in the remaining books.

Gabriel. Oh Gabriel. There's no much to say about him, other than the fact I find it incredibly weird that he knows how to drive a boat, but he's never seen one before in his life. I can't really wrap my head around that.

Rhine, the heroine. I loved her. I felt she was just strong enough, sly enough, coy enough and confident enough to do what she set out immediately to do. There were times when I was like, "Just go!" or "Tell him!" with her, but other than those moments, she was the perfect heroine.

Vaughn. He disgusts me. Not much more to do. He's got that creepy feel to him. Reading his name sends chills up my spine.

I'm really interested to see how the next books play out. I don't want to predict anything and then be left disappointed, but I know for a fact I haven't read the last of the naive Linden and his mysterious, psycho father.

I think DeStefano did a brilliant job. I can't wait to pick up Fever!

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Im not sure if I wanna read this or not lol.

Stacia Me either. It got a lot of mixed reviews.

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Lol its one of those 'one way or another' books. it could be great or horribly written.

Stacia I'm probably gonna read it. xD

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Lol. Me too.

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