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Contagious by Emily Goodwin
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May 11, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: action, adventure, dark-fantasy, intrigue, light-romance, narrative-voice-i-love, post-apocalyptic, romantic-tension, survivalist, war-battles, ya-crossover, zombies
Recommended to Tamara by: Lori
Read from June 02 to 08, 2012

I can't give this post-apocalyptic story six stars but I wish I could! This is not a re-read, it's too harrowing a tale for me, but I cannot wait to read book #2! This author falls under the "Narrative-voice-I-love-to-read" category squarely. Goodwin has an almost conversational style to her writing that makes the reader feel like their intimate friend is regaling tales with the highest degree of excitement and tension available. Goodwin can also write an almost movie-like action scene. I see the blood and gore spatter, I hear the heroine's heartbeat race as she tries to escape and rescue those she should, and shouldn't.

I feel her pain.

Yes, Goodwin's that good. I "know" Orissa, I want to help her. As a reader, that's a connection that's not usually there. I read all the time and strictly for in-and-out entertainment value. But once in awhile, there's a story that feels so real you're sure it actually transpired. I love zombie tales, as a writer of four myself, so I was reading with a semi-critical eye and loved the spin she put on this post-apocalyptic work. It's so interesting with its believable war elements, the different stages of "zombieism," and the tension of survival and romantic suspense interspersed that I could not stop reading! Those readers that are bored with a single-dimension zombie tale will enjoy the following elements that are cleverly woven into Contagious: militaristic, romantic suspense, action, survivalist (think Hunger Games) and sci-fi. This is "so much" more than a zombie novel. It's a flat-out great read.

Orissa gets her appendix removed and wakes up to discover a nightmare out of a movie: a terrible contagion has been loosed on the populace for reasons yet undisclosed. While recovering she must battle to escape the immediate threat and take all those that she can save with her. Orissa has a secret though: she's a tough, highly trained fighter and survivalist. She's brave beyond compare, unflinching beyond compromise, tender near her heart and brutally honest about who she is.

Loved her.

When all hope is lost and Orissa thinks the end is near, a story arc occurs that makes the novel jump from really good to AMAZING. Period. I loved the gear switch and everything that followed.

This story flirts with being a Mature YA but should be just fine for readers 16+. I've recommended it to all four of my sons. If they can put this book down, I'll eat my hat.
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Lori Yea!!! I hope you like it!!!!

Kami Ditto

Tamara Rose Blodgett I'm not really far along yet but so far I really like Goodwin's narrative style, very natural. That's super-rare to "hear" a writer the way I do her. I don't like that "put through the laundry wash," "stilted," type of one-dimensional prose. Hoping I like it too. Maybe she's going to dig the Doc? Haha... have to see!

Lori Ohh I so want to talk/tell you about the book but you'll just have to wait and see. Kami says her book unbound is good too. I haven't gotten to it yet!

Lori yeah 5 stars!!!

Lori Tamara + Emily = author heaven!!! My two favorite authors!!!

Tamara Rose Blodgett Lori wrote: "Tamara + Emily = author heaven!!! My two favorite authors!!!"

Thank you, Lori! :D She's a fantastic writer, I'm flattered~

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