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Perigee Moon by Tara A. Fuller
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May 11, 2012

liked it

This book was enjoyable to read, so I gave it 3 stars. It was refreshing because I haven't come across many witch books, especially in modern times.

It became so painfully apparent that the author was a fan of Twilight though. She obviously liked how their relationship played out, and instead of blatantly copying the story and using vampires and werewolves, she found something different that could still play out the same way.

The plot was completely transparent and it was so obvious that the author liked the twilight series and the basic concept of girl meets guy, instant chemistry, girl gets in trouble and guy saves girl, guy turns out to be living for centuries resulting in a conflict and a barricade for them to get over. Guy is a really good kisser, making the girl feel woozy and weak in the knees. She goes so far as to actually rip off the dialogue in Twilight, having her say “You’re a little TOO good” after they kiss and he admits he doesn’t have any experience with girls. Where oh where have we heard that before?

Did she think we wouldn’t notice that she completely copied Twilight?

Her streak of “inspiration” must’ve went a little something like this:
I don’t want to make it seem TOO obvious. But how can I make it to where he’s lived for centuries?
Oh, I’ve got it. A witch!
He can be a witch that lived in the 1600s!
Ok, now he has to be inexperienced just like Edward Cullen was. And he has to be a really good kisser.
What else did I like about Twilight?
Oh yeah.
Bella ends up having to save Edward’s life and discovers she has powers of her own to boot.

And to top it all off there has to be another guy interested in her to increase her self-worth and to really slam home that guys find her attractive despite what she thinks.
Add in a scene where a guy is pushing himself on her, and you’ve got the complete story line of Twilight unfolding before your very eyes. Just as Edward did when Bella was in trouble, Alex comes in the nick of time and saves the day.

During the scene of her with that other guy that immediately liked her, I picture Mike immediately being attracted to Bella in the school cafeteria and trying so hard when she just wasn’t into it. Rowan’s new to school (just like Bella was) and she goes out on a date with him knowing she doesn’t really feel the same way, but to give her credit she doesn’t let him kiss her when he tries to.

I’ll give the author the benefit of the doubt, maybe she didn’t intentionally rip off Twilight, but it was copying the basic concepts in the Twilight series, and you really have to watch that because so many people have read Twilight and can make the connection.

There were aspects that I liked about her relationship with Alex, but overall the whole thing swept by very fast and they hadn’t known each other very long before they were almost having sex. I wanted things to just slowww down.

Rowan kind of got on my nerves what with the whole, my-friend-has-to-dress-me thing and do my makeup for me (just like Alice doing the same for Bella in Twilight. Jeeze, will the similarities never end?) The whole cutting thing didn’t set right with me either. I don’t like that in a character. To me it just seemed like a cry for help here, like she wanted people to notice. It was nice when Alex noticed the scars and acted concerned when he realized she'd tried to kill herself though.

Rowan liked Alex, and he was initially standoffish (in the same manner Edward was towards Bella) before he eventually let on how he felt about her. Alex had some sort of accent, I can't remember what exactly, that was definitely remniscent of Edward's own old world accent in Twilight.

I initially thought that the diary entries were written by a girl. It wasn't until I noticed the name Alexander that I realized it was actually a guy's writing. That was a major failure on the author's part to have him come off as girly.

I liked the part where Alex was talking about who was she watching for at her window, when she was really watching for him. The whole witch thing seemed to have no effect on Rowan. She was supposedly powerful, yet doesn’t use her powers in any real way. I expected her to have a showdown with Alex’s evil aunt, but she never does grasp her powers enough to fully help. It was such an annoyance to me that their powers ultimately did nothing.

Bevin completely got on my nerves. She was pushing Rowan towards boys and dates and sex and kissing and everything else. Towards the end it just aggravated that she was even there when Alex and Rowan should have had alone time. Then her dad came to aggravate me some more. It just worked out a little too perfectly that he showed up and they talked about everything and all that crap.

There were so many grammar mistakes in this book it was ridiculous. She must have had the world's worst editor edit this thing, because it was horrible. There would be random words that didn't go with what was happening, like the author had been editing and moving things around but had forgotten to backspace. It was unfathomable how someone could overlook these mistakes when publishing a book.
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