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Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z. Brite
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May 11, 2012

really liked it
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Recommended for: those looking for a severely disturbing look into CRAZY
Read from May 22 to 23, 2012

Exquisite Corpse is disturbing and tiptoes between being enjoyable and unbearable. It is a perfect blending of sex and death, two favorite subjects for both horror writers and psychopaths.

But it takes a really creative mind, or one that has possibly rubbed brain lobes with a down-right INSANE individual, metaphorically speaking--to conjure up and weave a tale this gruesome and mortifying.

Plot is this: Andrew Compton is a gay British serial rapist-murderer who has been convicted of killing and mutilating and raping over two dozen young men and is currently serving his time in prison. He escapes and goes to America, specifically New Orleans, Louisiana. There he meets up with someone he can call kin: Jay Byrne, a handsome blond gay playboy who enjoys a similar 'hobby', albeit one that pushes the 'limit' past anything Andrew had ever considered doing before. The two instantly connect--being like a freaking rare breed of crazy--and decide to do a murder of love together, you know, because they're crazy in love and crazy to boot, and it's something that .. you do when you're in love.. you find hobbies you both enjoy, and you pursue them.

This book spared nothing for the reader, offered no censors. If you want a crazy serial murder rapist, you will fucking get a crazy serial murder rapist and the inner workings of his mind.

This was originally published in 1996, well underway in the knowledge and breakout of the dreaded AIDS virus. All of the characters in this book are gay, and the threat and fear of HIV/AIDS is rampant among the gay community as a whole. The fear of catching it from sex, whether it be full on penetration or oral, or swapping needles while taking heroin or other drugs is usually at the forefront of the characters' mind. It was mentioned so often that it was almost like this book was just a ploy to raise awareness of the disease, although even if it was, this is the WEIRDEST way ever to go in order to get the point across.

The 'insanity' and utter.. depravity of Jay and Andrew struck many chords with me, in that I saw many shades of different serial killers and other like-minded rapists, depraved sex criminals, and torture-murderers.

Names that popped into my head while reading of these escapades are quite a few:

Ted Bundy - Andrew's leanings towards raping and performing sexual acts on the corpses of his victims, keeping them for awhile until they became to rotten and distended to hold onto anymore...

Jeffrey Dahmer - There is hints and ideas that Jay may put his victims into barrels of acid some times, as well as pump acid into the victims' bodies.. There are also small hints that Andrew kept the boys because he was lonely, as Jeffrey Dahmer also did this because he was a lonely gay in Wisconsin...

Ottis Toole (view spoiler) : Necrophiliac and cannibal. Jay is revealed to be a cannibal, and great detail goes into his desecration of the corpses for his perverse pleasure

And like many serial killers and sex criminals, Jay had his first interest in death from killing small animals or ripping them apart..

This is a very well written book. But it's not for the faint-hearted. I myself, though I thought I could take most anything.. this struck a bit of a chord with me in that I was a little frightened. Perhaps it's because the LGBT community is still at odds with many people for being who they are and this took place during a time before the US really gave a damn about gay people. The HIV/AIDS epidemic basically made them even greater outcasts than before, weird possibly diseased individuals being deviant as usual, only this time they're murdering each other, which makes them extra deviant! (/s) OH THE HORROR

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