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Temptation  & Twilight by Charlotte Featherstone
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May 14, 12

Read in May, 2012

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The final chapter of the Brethren Guardian, focuses on Iain Sinclair, the Marquis of Alynwick. The Brethren are decedents of the Templer Knights charged with hiding several religious treasures, including the Holy Grail.

Iain is an unrepentant womanizer and rake…or is he? Iain is about fight a duel for being caught in a compromising situation with the wife of Lord Larabie. Being caught in the compromising position was all part of the plan. He and his fellow Brethren believe Lady Larabie knows the villain, Orpheus, and will introduce Iain to the man who has been a danger to them, their families and the secrets they hide. But as possible death looms over his head, there is only one thought that fills him. He wants to see Elizabeth again and apologize for the wrongs he did to her a dozen years ago. He also wants her to know that she is always in his thoughts and if he survives the night, he wants to start anew with her. When he walks into the room and sees Elizabeth’s hand on the arm of the Earl of Sheldon, he looses his head and attacks him and drags Elizabeth out of the room. He then learns what he fears most, that Elizabeth has no desire to forgive him or to ever see him again.

Lady Elizabeth York might have lost her sight, but she has not lost her mind. It is one thing to be young and innocent and allow yourself to be seduced, used and tossed away by a cad like Iain Sinclair, but she is almost 30 and does not intend to be fooled again by his tempting touches and sensual murmurs. If only she can get her treacherous body to agree.

As the fight for Elizabeth’s affections begins, the hunt for Orpheus heats up. The real question will be does Orpheus fall into the hands of the Brethren or will the Brethren fall into the trap set by Orpheus.

I was unaware when I chose this book that it was the third of a series, but I had no trouble catching up with the happenings of the series. I was simply intrigued with the idea of a sightless heroine and how that would be addressed. With all the reading that I do, I am always amazed when a story can keep me in the dark until the final reveal. Every time I thought I had Orpheus nailed down…not him!! Who is lying? Who can be trusted? This story twists and turns so much, and admitted in the end, I was bug-eyed…screaming “What!!” I did not see that coming. Very well done!!!

Elizabeth was a remarkable heroine. Even though blind, she was headstrong and independent. Iain’s inner monologue was amazing in his feelings for Elizabeth and his true desire to make up for his past actions and how much he loved and admired her and how desperately he wanted a future with her.

Here’s the catch – Iain is not much of a sharer of his feelings, and every time Iain got near Elizabeth he turned into a drooling beast in heat. Don’t get me wrong, many of Iain’s attempts as seducing Elizabeth left me fanning myself to cool down, but story wise, Iain would have been better off declaring at the beginning that he intended to seduce her into an offer of marriage. Poor, blind Elizabeth was trying so hard not to be made a fool again and be used and tossed aside by a master scoundrel, she kept pushing him away and getting more angry. If only he started his seduction with the forewarning that he wanted a lifetime with her, things wouldn’t have been so frustrating for both Iain and the audience.

When they finally got to the point of discussing what had happened between them in the past and how it affected both their lives, it was heartbreaking, and when Iain finally confesses to Elizabeth and kissed her goodbye knowing that in finally confessing the truth, he would loose her forever, I was teary eyed.

With the exception of Iain’s dog in heat attempts at seduction, this a well written, captivating story.

Received an ARC from, courtesy of Harlequin Books. Thank you.
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