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May 11, 2012

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Read on May 20, 2012

** spoiler alert ** 3.75 stars

The minor details that bother me, sometimes don't bother other readers, so if you are good with unrealistic plot points in your book, then bail now.

First, I like the Ty and Zane books and my review is not a slam of the series as a whole. Fish & Chips is by far my favorite book as it focused on Ty and Zane's relationship rather than a case.

While I did enjoy Armed & Dangerous, there were some issues IMO. Let's start with what I did like.


-the banter! Ty and Zane's banter is a thing of beauty and Ms. Roux had some fall-down-funny one liners.

-Julian and Cameron from Warrior's Cross were used well in the plot. I had my doubts about this crossover, but the author pulled it off.

-the romance! The romance between Ty and Zane takes center stage in this installment and after four books, the wait was well worth it. Ty and Zane finally talked about their feelings. *g* It was a joy to behold.

-the Nick angle was resolved.


-once again the police procedure stuff was not based in one shred of realism. Handcuffing Julian to a handbar in the bathtub of a hotel room overnight? Yeah...constitutional law violation. Taking along Julian's boyfriend when Julian is in protective custody? Not happening (although Cameron was great as the comic relief). Killing multiple CIA agents and no heads rolling afterwards (Burns deserved to be fired). Really, really, not happening. Ty and Zane being sent on off-duty missions at Burns' discretion? So not happening...the amount of paperwork required for that is staggering. *g* I handwaved a lot of the police stuff, as so much of it was wrong.

-head-hopping. Way too many POVs. I think every character had a POV.

-Preston and Ty? Not buying it. I agree with Zane, is there anyone Ty hasn't slept with "in the Northern Hemisphere?" I thought after the Nick situation was resolved, throwing out the Preston/Ty thing seemed tacked on. I didn't find it believable nor funny.

-Burns. Stupidest man on the planet and responsible for multiple agents' deaths. I figured out the bad guy on pg. 4. He should be in jail or at least fired.

Overall, I liked Armed and Dangerous. I love Ty and Zane and despite my issues with some things, I will be reading the next book in the series and looking forward to seeing how Riptide Publishing takes care of some of the points I brought up.
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Adrian Anderson They always claim that it's early release to reviewers and such. But then there's almost never a review. I don't trust such ratings one bit and think it's just the author/pubs trying to hype up a book.

Lasha I don't think it is the author doing this. And while I know one reviewer who had a copy of it, she doesn't put up her GR ratings until the review goes live on her site (which it hasn't).

So all those 17 ratings cannot be reviewers. *g*

message 3: by Feliz (last edited May 21, 2012 01:49PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Feliz I had to do a double take when I read Riptide...really? How's that possible? Weren't the other books DSP?

Lasha Feliz wrote: "I had to do a take when I read Riptide...really? How's that possible? Weren't the other books DSP?"

Stars & Stripes (next book) is up on Riptide's web site today. I have no idea how it is moving from DSP to RT. Maybe when M. Urban left the series, Abigail Roux had the option to take it elsewhere?

Dumbledore11214 Or maybe they contracted for five books and then she had an option to take it anywhere else or renew the contract? Regardless, I did a double take too.

The UHQ Nasanta I didn't have much problem with most of your con points but I did wonder about this: (view spoiler)

message 7: by Lasha (last edited May 22, 2012 09:19AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lasha Most of the agents would have had families, right? How would the CIA explain the deaths of like 15 of their agents in such a short time to their loved ones? The CIA can hide a lot of things, but that many deaths? I wasn't buying it. Let alone the fact that Burns still had his job after sending his own agents out on a non-sanctioned mission. If the Secret Service fired people for hooking up with hookers, this event in the book would have warranted a Congressional investigation. *g*

(BTW, I grew up in the Baltimore-Washington area and most of my family and friends worked for NSA, CIA, FBI or various other gov't agencies. My next-door neighbor growing up was CIA. He was always "out of town" on business. *g*)

But anyway, accountability does happen even with spooks, so the fall-out for what Ty, Burns, Zane and Julian did - I didn't buy it.

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