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The Giver by Lois Lowry
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May 12, 2012

did not like it
Read in May, 2012

NEW REVIEW: I changed my opinion and gave it 1 star from what I gave initially. I am appalled that so many people gave it high marks - it resembles me of the sameness Louis was talking about. I'll try to make my new thoughts shorter than Kelly's review:

Release in another community as it started is OK however interpreted as euthanasia is not OK for small children even to be exposed to the concept. I agree with the fact there is an escape to in becoming more close to nature but the author does not take a position on it.

Second, for a young child I think learning is the most important think, and for children to learn how to kill elders is definitely at least not pedagogical.

Sorry, I don't have the precision of language ;-)

OLD REVIEW: Great thriller. Very powerful. Well worth it of it's american medal. I even had a nightmare from it. As the latest YouTube sensation said a little drama is good for a small town however it is debatebale if scary books are for children. It started innocently by describing an Utopian society, then you discover the 12 year old ceremony, the beyond normal, somewhat quantic perception abilities of Jonas the main character that made him the receiver, the sameness, the precision of language, the giver, the and the release procedure - a synonym of euthanasia. Toward the end it was black like it's cover by the fact that it had elements that could be real. I found Harry Potter more positive in message. Finally, I am not sure that I did a good thing giving it as a gift to a 12 year old who can project and identify with situations from the book. I did that before reading the book. Anyway I enjoyed it and I hope my little friend will too specially since I heard she likes scary stories.

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