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Yours to Take by Joely Sue Burkhart
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Vicki Connagher spent her formative years becoming a lawyer and striving to move ahead at her firm, even though she knew she was setting criminals free. When one of her clients kills a cop; her boyfriend’s partner, Vicki can’t live with herself anymore. She turns her back on her profession and turns to fashion.

As the stress of creating her own line starts to weigh her down, a ray of light walks into her life; Jesse, a homeless artist has not only the gift of art but he brings out the protective, possessive Madame hiding within Vicki. However, her former boyfriend, Detective Elias Reyes has a few things to say about Vicki allowing a homeless man into her home.

Perhaps, Elias isn’t as over Vicki as he would like to be. If he wants a place in her life he will need to get comfortable with the Vicki she has become. Elias, Vicki and Jesse struggle to define the situation they find themselves in and determine if they can all live and meet the needs of each other.

Joely Sue Burkhart’s Yours to Take is a raw and delicious peek into the struggles of sexual wants and needs. Yours to Take is Ms. Burkhart’s third book in her popular Connagher series but it is my first glimpse into this hot and spicy family. I believe it is perfectly fine to jump in at this point. I didn’t feel like I missed too much. Ms. Burkhart does a good job of filling the reader in on the previous couples.

Yours to Take is emotionally gripping and at times uncomfortable, but not in a bad way, if that makes sense. If you’re not a fan of alternative lifestyles, bdsm, kink, multiple partners and such this may not be for you but if you have ever found yourself curious about these things Yours to Take is a good book for you.

I found Vicki’s journey in Yours to Take to be intense and compelling. She is really discovering a side of herself she didn’t think existed or wasn’t willing to recognize. There is something powerful about discovering yourself as a sexual being and finding what you need in bed makes the act more satisfying. Vicki’s struggle with what she needs from both Elias and Jesse make this story sizzle with desire and excitement. While Jesse is willing to submit to her every need, Vicki must battle with her need to dominate Jesse and battle with Elias. Elias must decide if he loves Vicki enough to accept Jesse as a part of their life permanently. I find this relationship quite interesting. Elias and Jesse are both heterosexual men so there are no male/male scenes in the novel. I think what I like best about Yours to Take is that there is no sugar coating this situation, at no time do you feel this is a simple story that will end with everyone happily ever after. Each character struggles with what they need from the person or persons they love in a very natural way. As the story progresses the reader can watch as each character becomes more truthful to themselves and realizes what is truly important. Yours to Take is a scintillating tale about pushing boundaries and finding love.

Reviewed by Miranda for Joyfully Reviewed

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