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Hi My Name Is Jack by John T. Watts
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Jul 04, 2012

it was amazing
Read from May 10 to June 01, 2012

Jack Watts wrote a forthright memoir about his life as an alcoholic. I enjoyed his candidness; his unrestrained approach to storytelling. His ability to tell his story – the good, the bad, and the ugly – in an unsullied way was astounding.

“Hi, my name is Jack, and I am an alcoholic.”

The book, in my opinion, is extremely well written. The chapters were short and to the point, which made stopping and starting the book very easy. I found no grammatical errors, and the book’s content stuck to the story. Often, when writing memoir, it is easy to go into too many minor details; losing sight of the story’s importance; this was not the case with My Name is Jack.

“Now she had my attention. For me, three beers was nothing. I used think of three beers as priming the pump before I started on Jack Daniel’s. I would have anywhere from eight to ten of those and wind up the evening with one or two Grand Marniers. That was a normal evening routine for me.”

My Name is Jack gives the reader insight into the life of an alcoholic. His story takes us through the ups and downs of his addiction, and while some may laugh, his Karma. I often speak of Karma in stories on my blog – my stories. I can frequently be heard saying “I must have had a hell of a good time in a prior life, because there is a permanent bite mark on my behind from Karma coming around and biting me.”

“As part of my AA program, I began to take a complete – painstakingly honest – inventory of my life. In so doing, I asked myself exactly when I became an alcoholic. I decided that it was in 1933 – eleven years before I was born.”

My bite is miniscule compared to the bite on Jack’s behind. If it could go wrong, it did; if it could come around, it did; yet, this man stood tall and jumped right back from the fire into the pan – many times.

“I prayed and asked God why He had allowed all this to happen. I begged Him repeatedly to answer me. Finally, one day a voice – like thunder – seemed to come out of the heavens. “I don’t know, Watts,” the voice said. “Something about you just pisses me off!”

Jack Watts is a man meant for love. His love and devotion for his children and his grandchildren shines through as though the Heavens opened up and pure sunshine came streaming through. While his life is full of the love of a good family, the one love he so desperately seeks has eluded him. I hope he finds that one special person.

The book is full of poignant phrases, as you can see from the above quotes taken from the book. Jack speaks with a wisdom that only someone who has lived life to its fullest, the good, the bad, and the ugly...

This book is a definite must read!
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