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After the Night by Linda Howard
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May 10, 2012

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I gave this a three-star rating because of one or two things.

First, let's start with this... The beginning part of the book, maybe 60 pages or so, is set in the past. It's the period when Faith, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, is fourteen years old and spying on her crush, Gray, who is popular and rich.

After Faith, her brothers, sister and father are forcefully evicted from their home by Gray after their tramp mother supposedly runs off with Gray's father, Faith leaves everything that she knows behind. She grows up, goes to college, gets married, is widowed and then launches her own travel agency.

That's the life of Faith in a nutshell.
The story really begins when she decides to look up the hometown that turned her out, and truth be told, still looks at her and sees white trash.

Despite my lukewarm opinion of this book, I think it was a real page-turner. I wanted to get to the end. I had to see how these two people would wind up together and eventually solve a 12-year-old mystery.

My issue with this book is the treatment of Gray towards Faith. The way he bullies her, threatens her and makes every business in town turn her away is nothing short of despicable. Even after he starts to understand that Faith isn't at all like her kinfolk, there's no...I'm not sure what the proper words are for it... He never...well, apologizes for his behavior. I mean, if I met someone in real life that treated me that way, I'd head straight for the proper authorities. I thought some of the stuff Howard made Gray do to Faith was downright cruel and discriminatory. I swear I saw "lawsuit" stamped all over it.

At this point, I could go on and on about this, but I'll refrain. To sum it up, I didn't thikn that the hero showed any remorse for his behavior towards Faith. And they wound up in each other's arms till the end of the book? Hey, when you do a wrong, it's only natural to expect a little groveling from that person. Well, depending on the offense. And as I've said, I thought Gray's offense was pretty bad. He painted Faith with the same brush as he painted her entire family, and I never saw any apology for that.

I would tentatively recommend this book. It's certainly a good story and has typical Linda Howard great writing. Just don't expect a hero you can like very much.
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Elena Great review!
And i wrote the same thing about him never apologizing !! He sooo needed to grovel a bit!!

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