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Just as Long as We're Together by Judy Blume
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May 10, 12

it was ok
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Read in May, 2012

The summary at the top is what I read on the back of the book. If the book had been from Rachel's point of view the summary would have been correct. However the book is from Stephanie's point of view and she doesn't realize there is a problem until Rachel and she have a fight on page 241.

Most of Stephaine's story is focused on the separtion and possible divorce of her parnets. That however did not come into play until page 120. Till then the story is just a build up of Stephanie and Rachel meeting and becoming friends with Allison.

The story was somewhat entertaining and it was at least readable. There was some humorous moments and good character interaction. I did feel that the talk of the girls reaching puberty was a little forced. Almost as if Judy Blume was trying to live up to her reputation.

I could enjoy some of the story once I finally realized what the story was about. However I wasn't able to completely enjoyed because I never could really like Stephanie. There was something off putting about her. For example she keep secrets even from her friends but, resented it if they kept secrets from her.
Stephanie also in my view was bratty, unrealistic, self centered and lacking the charm of Charlie in Barbara Park's Don't Make Me Smile.

Some other problems I had:

Rachel's suggests that Stephanie read Gone With the Wind. I was puzzled that with all the books to choose from Judy Blume would choose this book. Is she expecting no African-Americans to read this book. Certainly any I mean any Jane Austen book would have been a better choice. Yes, I know SE Hinton cited this book but, that took place in the South and was written published in 1967 and Hinton was only a teenager when she wrote it.

Because the main issue doesn't come into play until page 120 the book reads more like a episodic younger reader like Busybody Nora than an older novel.

The December play is called Mary and Joseph and yet is suppose to be about a Jewish and Christian couple celebrating Chanukkah and Christmas. I was puzzled as to which one is suppose to Jewish. I suppose Joseph but, I can't recall meeting too many Jewish Josephs. Davids, Abrahams, Seths, Issacs yes but Joseph? Especially during Christmas time? Wouldn't Miriam and Joseph have made more sense or Mary and Joshua?

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