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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
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May 10, 12

it was amazing

Emily Grace
May 2, 2012
Book review
Miss Jackson
The characters in The Fault in Our Stars were real characters. They faced real life problems and had to learn how to cope. The characters in this book did not live an easy life. The two main characters were both diagnosed with cancer. Multiple people in this world suffer cancer daily. Between the characters in the book, and people today who suffer from cancer all share the same qualities. For example, Hazel had difficulties walking far distances because of her lungs, anyone with lung cancer also share that same problem. My best friend suffered lung cancer, and I know it was very difficult for her to walk very far at all. So I can relate to these characters fairly well. As I read this book I not only understood the characters, but I could also understand the challenges they faced and could connect them to real life problems.
The point of the book The Fault in Our Stars is to express that even at the worst times you can always find something to make you smile. In the beginnings of the story Hazel was very lonely; she was depressed about her disease and wanted no contact with the rest of the world. Hazel’s mom forced her to attend support group where she meets the handsome Augustus Waters. He turns her life around. These two characters stuck together through thick and thin, and they accomplished many things while keeping cancer as the least of their worries. Although cancer’s goal is to spread across the body as fast as possible, the patient’s goal is to live life as fast as they can. Unfortunately cancer hit children much harder and because of that it made it difficult for Hazel and Augustus to do what they wanted, but they never let anything stop them. They took the mix of cancer and life head on. No one could make Hazel smile like Augustus did. They created a friendship very quickly and it was longing to last. Hazel never left Augustus’ side when he took the turn for the worst. Augustus had always inspired Hazel. He left Hazel with something no one else could have ever. Love, friendship, hope, and most importantly life.
I thought this book was phenomenal, it pointed out many aspects of a cancer patients life. For those who don’t come in contact with cancer in their life, this book could teach you a lot. It is a very inspirational book. Of course everyone understand cancer is not easy, but this book points out the struggles they suffer daily. Also this book teaches you about friendship, when you have a good friendship like Hazel and Augustus have.

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