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She Speaks to Angels by Ami Blackwelder
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May 21, 12

Read in May, 2012

What I Loved:

I'm a sucker for angels and demons... it’s true. Anglefire is pretty awesome to read about, and their 8 Rules are interesting. Really, I can't list any one thing that really stood out.

What I Didn't Like:

Ali was disappointing as a main character, which is sad because I was really hoping that she'd come into her own. She had her moments where she "found her strength," but overall she seemed weak and willing to let others fight for her. I prefer my main female leads to be feisty and ready to fight, even if they don't know how, rather than to wait and bide time until their hero shows up. Of course, this is only book one so perhaps we'll see Ali come into her own being in the next books.

My Overall Review:

I am definitely intrigued and hope that I can read Angelfire book 2. The set-up for an amazing story is there. You've got a main character who is lovable and just needs to toughen up and become more comfortable in her own skin. You've got a super-sweet male lead who is protective of Ali and obviously would be willing to risk his life for her, a pissed off demon who will definitely be wanting revenge against the Angelfire, and the Angelfire themselves. How did they get that name? Lucianda hinted that there was a lot that Ali wasn't told about the angels and demons, and I'm very interested in finding out if Ali, and by extension the reader, learns more about these powers of goodness.

So while I can't rave about She Speaks to Angels, I am very interested in continuing the series and seeing where it leads. I also wasn't crazy about book one of the Lilly Montiago series, and by the second book I was hooked! I have high hopes for the Angelfire Chronicles to be similar to that.


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