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Dec 04, 13

(Review from the author)
Read in May, 2012

While it's nice to see folks out there giving this book five stars, and in some cases even reviewing it, I'll admit that I'm kinda puzzled.

After thinking it over for a while, I've realized there's only one explanation for this:

Time travelers love my books.

This is strangely reassuring, as it lets me know that, eventually, I do finish my revisions, and the book turns out good enough so that I still have a following out there in the big ball of wibbly-wobbly.... timey-wimey.... stuff that I like to think of as the future.

I would also like to say, future readers, that I appreciate your taking time to read and review my books. It's really flattering knowing that even with time-travel technology at your disposal, you'd rather read my stuff and mention it here on goodreads, rather than, say, hunt dinosaurs, get drunk with da Vinci, or pants Hitler.

Secondly, I'd like to say if you're The Doctor, and you're reading this, I would make an excellent traveling companion. I know you normally tend to hang out with pretty young women and robot dogs. And honestly? I respect that.

Still, I bring certain things to the table. Humor, witty banter, and a beard that will allow me to blend in seamlessly with any pre-industrial Germanic culture. I'm also an excellent kisser and play a mean game of Settlers of Catan.

Just throwing it out there.

Lastly, if any of you happen to have a digital copy of the book you'd like to e-mail me, I'd really appreciate it. I'd love to see the five-star version of the book, because right now, the one I'm toiling away at is about a three an a half-in my opinion. It would save me a lot of work if I could just skip to the end and publish it.

Sincerely yours,


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message 101: by Derek (new)

Derek Tower Mr. Rothfuss you are on a short list of fantasy authors who have inspired me to take up writing again. You've impressed the hell out of me; it's not an easy thing to tell a story without getting too hung up in the details. Yours is a story that truly seems to have written itself, as all the best ones do. Keep at it, your fans aren't going anywhere. Well, I suppose some of them might have to go meet God or something before your book comes out, but, well, sucks to be them!

message 102: by Jasper (new)

Jasper Dear mister Rothfuss, If we did send you a digital copy of your book, we would be creating a dangerous paradox-effect wich could possibly distort the timeline!
By doing so, we might create a situation in which you never wrote this series, we don't want that to happen to one of our classic folklore tales!

message 103: by Jess (new) - added it

Jess This pre-release author review made me smile so hard my face hurt. P.s. I loved Name of the Wind, but I'm holding back on reading book 2 until book 3 looms a bit closer on the horizon.

message 104: by Ginette (new) - added it

Ginette Hilarious. Love this.

message 105: by Riko (new) - added it

Riko Stan I'll admit to not reading any of your books before. Not because I don't like your style, the genre, or even you, but just because I never got around to it.
After reading this post, you have jumped waaaaay up on my list!

message 106: by Crystal (new) - added it

Crystal Puckett I'd send you the copy of the book, but that would break several futuristic anti-piracy laws.

message 107: by Le (new)

Le I would like it on the Cd also.
sometimes I cant sleep this also help.
I was reading this book on line.
I enjoyed it alot. 5 *****.

message 108: by Adam (new)

Adam Matthews This series was third in line of my books to read, this post just bumped you to next in line.

message 109: by Viv (new) - added it

Viv Hurry! UP! I cant wait!

message 110: by Dixie (last edited Sep 09, 2012 05:06PM) (new)

Dixie Would any of you time travelers like to drop a hint about any other long awaited sequels you have seen laying about? Just in general, nothing specific. : )

Wow, this post is so amazing! I snorted my Sobe!

message 111: by Josh (last edited Sep 24, 2012 10:29PM) (new) - added it

Josh Wolfe-maxwell I finished wise man's fear about a month ago and just cannot wait for this 3rd book. Kinda hoping you've got a fourth book on your radar as well. I feel like there is so much more to Kvothe than one book

message 112: by Neil (new)

Neil Snyder I'd love to play a game of Settlers sometime!

message 113: by James (new) - added it

James i can't wait i tell all my friends about these books

El Guapo Get the book on CD and transfer it to an ipod nano or something so you can listen to it while at the gym or driving or anything else. Highly recommend it.

message 115: by MJ (new) - added it

MJ Just finished #2 and am devastated, devastated, I say, that #3 is not yet ready for me to read. I don't want to wait...I want it now. Thank you. MJ

message 116: by Le (new)

Le would like CD 3 also
Le Truesdale

message 117: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Schulz I do wish I could give your review five stars. Geronimo!

message 118: by Taylor (new) - added it

Taylor Cant wait for the book Git-Er-Done

message 119: by Beth (new) - added it

Beth Schultz My co-worker and I are anxiously awaiting this book release.

message 120: by Jackie (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jackie As much as I hate to say it, take your time. This is not a series to be rushed, and it's worth it in the end.

message 121: by Jordan (new) - added it

Jordan Thank Goodness that it finally has a name at least!!! can't wait!!!

message 122: by Kusanar (new)

Kusanar Take your time! I know it will be a master piece :)

message 123: by Grant (new) - added it

Grant My favorite part of book 3 was where the princess and Mr Whiffle meet the Ctaeth. Deliciously good fun. Your biggest fan - The Doctor

message 124: by Leslie (new) - added it

Leslie Bird-bassett

message 125: by Sarah Louise (new) - added it

Sarah Louise Why oh why does it say from '2013 to 2025'?

message 126: by Kirk (new)

Kirk It should say 2013 to 2113

message 127: by SheActsLikeSummer (new)

SheActsLikeSummer I'm 13! Am I really going to have to wait another lifetime? I can't do that. Make your words come out faster. :)

message 128: by Xetws (new)

Xetws Is that an official cover?

message 129: by Jackie (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jackie Doubt it - it's not the right dimensions. Too wide.

message 130: by Xetws (new)

Xetws Ah, of course.
Made me dream anyway. heh

message 131: by Toni (new) - added it

Toni I am so hoping that I live long enough to see my children have children, and for their children to become teens, so they know why mom went nuts. And to be able to see how this story goes! See Pat, my will to live!
Dude, you are the best, and you put so much into your work. Too many teeny books that come out once a month for 10 bucks a pop.
You and Michael Scott . But seriously, can't wait to see you on the shelves. Maybe a freebie? Okay, I guess I can wait. Unless the doc says you need to hurry.

message 132: by Jennifer (new) - added it


message 133: by Gabriel (new) - added it

Gabriel Sanchez martinez If you need opinions of the doors of stone, am here to help!! Take your time, I know is going to be the same or better than the others

message 134: by María (new) - added it

María All of your fans will be pleased to waiting until their last breath, I think...But please, don't expect this from us, we want to read your book in less 1 year. How many nights have I dream with the continuation of the story? Don't know, but I'm sure that your book will be better than these fool dreams.
Hugs from Spain!

message 135: by Search (new) - added it

Search Goodreads info in "Publication: first published June 6th 2073" I am a little confused.
will it be your great-great descendant who writes the book or the great-great-great descendant?

message 136: by Ambra (new) - added it

Ambra Hope I'll not be 82 years old when I read this book... ;)

message 137: by Shigaya (new) - added it

Shigaya Sincerely, we dealt with other massive killers (you probably remember vaguely now and forget totally about them in a couple of weeks) also preventing many bigger catastrophes from happening... But Master, your writing is more important

message 138: by Alía (new)

Alía stop procrastinating!! :P

message 139: by Taylor (new) - added it

Taylor I bought a kindle because I ordered the second book while overseas and it didnt get here fast enough.

message 140: by Patricie (new) - added it

Patricie Nime made my day!

message 141: by Maria (new)

Maria Haha, I went and read this to everyone in my house. Keep writing, my sister and I are just waiting for book three to be released, and unfortunately we do not own a time machine so we will have to wait.

message 142: by Mapleson (new) - added it

Mapleson There is another explanation for the reviews other that time-travellers: of course, I mean parallel dimensions. The reviewers must come from a universe where Pat Rothfuss kept to his original schedule of one novel per year for three years! This is why I hate reading living authors; I just can't stand the wait for the next instalment. I'm hoping against hope it's May 1, 2013 or sooner!

message 143: by Kelsier (new)

Kelsier Knight I would much rather read a living author than a dead author that never finished his masterpiece. Pleasekindlykeeplivingandwritingthankyouverymuch.

message 144: by Billy (new) - added it

Billy Conn Speaking as a time traveler, sir, I too am puzzled. The copy I have on my desk is firmly 4-star material. It was good enough that I will purchase the hardback, but I fear that those reviewers with the 5-star ratings are simply toying with you. Or, perhaps they are attempting to subtly alter history.

message 145: by Samantha (new) - added it

Samantha McAfee And this post right here simply reaffirms this guy as one of my all time favorite authors. :)

message 146: by Fleur (new)

Fleur @Samantha Mcafee: I couldn't agree more! Makes me laugh everytime I read it - it's just genius.

message 147: by Jennifer (new) - added it

Jennifer I agree with Samantha!

message 148: by Caia (new) - added it

Caia E levante-se I can just say you are telling a beautiful story and you just have to keep doing what you're doing Peter ;)

message 149: by Ryan (new) - added it

Ryan hah

message 150: by Asmaa (new)

Asmaa This is the best thing I read on goodreads.

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