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May 09, 2012

(Review from the author)
Read in May, 2012

While it's nice to see folks out there giving this book five stars, and in some cases even reviewing it, I'll admit that I'm kinda puzzled.

After thinking it over for a while, I've realized there's only one explanation for this:

Time travelers love my books.

This is strangely reassuring, as it lets me know that, eventually, I do finish my revisions, and the book turns out good enough so that I still have a following out there in the big ball of wibbly-wobbly.... timey-wimey.... stuff that I like to think of as the future.

I would also like to say, future readers, that I appreciate your taking time to read and review my books. It's really flattering knowing that even with time-travel technology at your disposal, you'd rather read my stuff and mention it here on goodreads, rather than, say, hunt dinosaurs, get drunk with da Vinci, or pants Hitler.

Secondly, I'd like to say if you're The Doctor, and you're reading this, I would make an excellent traveling companion. I know you normally tend to hang out with pretty young women and robot dogs. And honestly? I respect that.

Still, I bring certain things to the table. Humor, witty banter, and a beard that will allow me to blend in seamlessly with any pre-industrial Germanic culture. I'm also an excellent kisser and play a mean game of Settlers of Catan.

Just throwing it out there.

Lastly, if any of you happen to have a digital copy of the book you'd like to e-mail me, I'd really appreciate it. I'd love to see the five-star version of the book, because right now, the one I'm toiling away at is about a three an a half-in my opinion. It would save me a lot of work if I could just skip to the end and publish it.

Sincerely yours,


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message 51: by Alexandre (new) - added it

Alexandre Pat, you really are super-awesome !

message 52: by Chris (new) - added it

Chris Bolton Freaking hilarious. Love the gentle tap on the hand with the humor. LOL

message 53: by Wakko (new)

Wakko Sir, you deserve a medal! epic comment is epic!

message 54: by Mike (new)

Mike Myson Can you learn to type faster? :)

message 55: by Michaela (new)

Michaela Goebel Looking forward to book 3, and I have faith that it will be as deserving of 5 stars as the first 2 are. The wait is the hardest part, but in the end it will be worth it. And if The Doctor happens to read this... Pick me! Pick me!

message 56: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Conn Everything else we're doing is just killing time until the book comes out, just like all TV is just a distraction until the doctor comes back.

message 57: by Kaethe (new) - added it

Kaethe Well played, sir.

message 58: by [deleted user] (new)

Settlers and time-travel in one review space? The awesomeness abounds.

message 59: by Catbird (new)

Catbird love it !! Your awesome Pat !!!

message 60: by Chaya (new) - added it

Chaya Thanks for the laughs! Tell Kvothe I miss him!

message 61: by Marguerite (new)

Marguerite Oh this is good, excellent job Pat.

message 62: by Kate (new) - added it

Kate Copeseeley Classy, very classy. :)

message 63: by Karen (new)

Karen I'm guessing if it's already getting five star reviews then it might actually be published on that date????

message 64: by Chanelle (new)

Chanelle Great way to ask your fans to be patient. I haven't read your books as yet, but it is a definite on my to-read list!

Happy and productive writing! You have alot of people supporting you!

message 65: by Shane (new)

Shane Driggs Ok Pat, just finish the damn book!

message 66: by Guillermo (new)

Guillermo I do am from the future... but I can not send you the copy I own of book 3 because The Neuronal World Wide Network has not yet been developed and therefore I can't send it!!! OK, we all know this is not true, but I wish it wear (cause I wish I had read it already). Thank you for your post and now, STOP WASTING TIME AND CONTINUE YOUR WRITING! (just kidding)

message 67: by Rosemary (new) - added it

Rosemary I just wanna say... Im so excited!! :D Also, Happy Towel Day 2012! Don't Panic. ;)

message 68: by Zsilinszky (new)

Zsilinszky Anett I've just finished the second book and I can't wait for a next. :)

message 69: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Beyond

message 70: by Tanus (new) - added it

Tanus hahahahaha u're the man patrick!

message 71: by Therese (new) - added it

Therese PLEASE don''t pull a George RR Martin & make me wait 5 years

message 72: by Luke (new) - rated it 5 stars

Luke I wish I had this book right now oh we'll I will wait for five stars

message 73: by Helen (new) - added it

Helen Very funny! Blink is a pretty awesome episode. I keep picturing a Weeping Angel in the university library now!

Jesse We all know it's gonna be a 5 star book. I'm ready to give the 10 after this one 5 stars too!Please write some more set in Kvothe's world, and please never stop writing books!

message 75: by Search (new) - added it

Search HAHAHA! Funny, hope you get the future manuscript too so we poor bastards who're stuck in the present can get the book asap...

message 76: by Adi Narayan (new) - added it

Adi Narayan Mandalemula In Goodreads it's mentioned that the expected publication year is given as 2013. Is the book really coming to us in 2013 Patrick? I'm really sick of waiting for George Martin's books. You are as good as him in writing. Please make your releases fast Patrick. And make the book a classic too. :) Thanks a lot for the two superb books you've given us. You are incredibly talented.

message 77: by Razmatus (new)

Razmatus Aditya wrote: "In Goodreads it's mentioned that the expected publication year is given as 2013. Is the book really coming to us in 2013 Patrick? I'm really sick of waiting for George Martin's books. You are as go..."

all this ramble about waiting makes me wanna slam the table - it's like expecting fries being ready in a minute when potatoes are not even peeled... everybody thinks oh how easy it is for a WRITER to write something... he just wont write in pace we want him to, nor would that be good for the result... I rather wait than read something that sounds rushed cos of the market

not everybody can write in a diabolical pace like Erikson while still maintaining the quality of the product, period :P

message 78: by Paul (new) - added it

Paul I totally agree with you Razmatus. People crying over the time it takes to put out an amazing book/series need to calm down. Let the author write the book that he/she is happy with, do their revisions, go through the editing process, and then publish it. I also look forward to reading the next book, but I'm happy to wait for the author to make sure it's up to their high standards.

message 79: by Razmatus (new)

Razmatus Paul wrote: "I totally agree with you Razmatus. People crying over the time it takes to put out an amazing book/series need to calm down. Let the author write the book that he/she is happy with, do their revisi..."

and then, there are authors that dont write just for €€€, that write on demand... there are actually authors that enjoy writing, and they do write because they enjoy writing, not because we want them to give us something... so what if an author takes his time in writing something, even writing something else besides this? is he compelled to do just one thing to the point when he loses his joy in writing it?

again, as I said, if an author enjoys writing, you can feel it... so let him enjoy, take his time with the book, and then bring us a great result... it's not like we have to sit and wait till the book comes out... there are tons of other great books we can spend time reading while this one is in making, right?

message 80: by Tony (new) - added it

Tony That was so Funny Awesome... i fell onto these books by change, love them. Cant wait till the next one... waiting is part of the deal... if you could make up a world in your head and then act out every person then do it, otherwise wait like the rest of us :)

message 81: by Billie (new) - added it

Billie Okay, Pat, you need to come to Germany so I can meet you and geek out about the Doctor with you. :D

message 82: by Nick (new)

Nick Nicely done Pat :)

message 83: by Jared (new) - added it

Jared Oh, Pat. If anything, your response only illustrates even further that you've a *fantastic* sense of humor and sharp wit. Further, that you'd be a great person to call friend. Looking forward to the release, I'm certainly it'll be awesome.

message 84: by Feliks (new)

Feliks I don't believe that authors should ever interact with their audiences directly in on-line exchanges. Its blurring a traditional and important boundary which should be kept sharply delineated. Just look at the chaos occurring in the Amazon review environment; or in author blogs elsewhere on the web. Just a mess!

Timblecricket I'm going to cast my lot with Strel Man, here...and challenge you to a game of Smallworld or settlers, though I'm afraid I'd Ritter your from the later.

message 86: by Sherry (new)

Sherry Fundin I haven't read the book, but your response cracked me up so I had to leave a comment.

message 87: by Amber (new) - added it

Amber Strel wrote: "I don't believe that authors should ever interact with their audiences directly in on-line exchanges. Its blurring a traditional and important boundary which should be kept sharply delineated. Just..."

Is this sarcastic?
Sarcasm so doesnt translate well to the internets.

If not - I strongly disagree.

message 88: by Karaann (new)

Karaann I was confused that people had read it already when it is not out yet. I loved your response. I am so bummed I did not get to meet you in Columbus, Ohio. Come again there soon.

message 89: by Zoe (new) - added it

Zoe This comment made me smile so much and brightened my day no end Thank you Pat for your wonderful comment I just can not wait until this book is out

message 90: by Nimrod (new) - added it

Nimrod Daniel Maybe you would better put effort on becoming time - traveler yourself, it would save you all the hardships of writing your books.That's how you would enjoy the efforts of the futural you :)

message 91: by Liz (new) - added it

Liz Thanks for brightening up my day! What a wonderful post

message 92: by Jiyuu (new) - added it

Jiyuu Peace, pat. We can deal with the wait. People just like to dramatize everything. Like WMF, we'd rather wait for a 5-star book than get a 3.5 star one because 'we couldn't wait'. No pressure at all. Just keep on being awesome.

message 93: by Austen (new)

Austen pat, i like that you like docwho. i love your books too, ive been persuading folks to buy them at my local bs.

message 94: by Corinne (new)

Corinne baaahaaaahaaaa

message 95: by Amanda (new)

Amanda I came across this review on a goodreads best( most commented on) reviews of the week list. I read the review because I wondered , what kind of author reviews his own book? The answer? A witty, self deprecating, bloody good one. He had me at " wibbley wobbley ... Timey wimey."
Sorry Mr. R but I haven't read any actual books by you yet. Ill rectify that soon because obviously I'm missing out. I'll try to pick up a copy of # 3 on my next jaunt in the Tardis if I can.

message 96: by Joe (new)

Joe Santoro Awesome Post! Now get back to work so those of us stuck in a linear time progression can read the book sooner rather than later!! :D

message 97: by Aaron (new)

Aaron i really like that you referenced dr. who

message 98: by Karen (new) - added it

Karen I can hardly wait for this book to come out.

El Guapo 'The Door Of Stone'-I loved it. I read it through twice just like the previous two novels. I'd rated it 5.5 stars. It's a must read!!!I wish there was a fourth & fifth Novel to the series.

message 100: by Lisa (new)

Lisa I love your writing and encourage you to take your time. Enjoy the journey and when and if your journey produces another book, I will be eagerly waiting in line.

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