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The Folded Earth by Anuradha Roy
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Jul 06, 12

Very quietly, Roy focuses on the remote corners of the heart and India. Sadness permeates the hamlet while nature's beauty encompasses it.

This quote, late in the book, exemplifies Roy's prowess and provides a window into the story as well:

"In winter, the air is clear enough to drink, and your eyes can travel many hundreds of miles until they reach the green of the near hills, the blue-gray beyond them, and then the snow peaks far away, which rise in the sky with the sun, and remain suspended there, higher than imaginable, changing color and shape through the day. Every hour, they come closer, their massive flanks clearly visible, plumes of cloud smoking from their tips. After the last of the daylight is gone, at dusk, the peaks still glimmer in the slow-growing darkness as if jagged pieces of the moon had dropped from sky to earth.

These are secrets hidden from those who escape the Himalaya when it is at its bleakest: the mountains do not reveal themselves to people who come here merely to escape the heat of the plains. Through the summer they veil themselves in a haze. The peaks emerge for those devoted to them through the coldest of winters, the wettest of monsoons. The mountains, Diwan Sahib said in an uncharacteristic rush of sentimentality fueled by a few drinks at his fireplace, believe that love must be tested by adversity."

This is a book for readers who like to luxuriate in their reading. Roy tells you what is happening but compels you only occasionally to keep going. Too often, I found myself struggling to keep awake, which may be attributed to my life being too hectic lately. Wish I'd read this when I could have been more dedicated to my reading.
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